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The warning from former Soros partner: a cataclysmic event plunges the world into total chaos
Material posted: Publication date: 13-12-2016
After several weeks of wild trading, today a former associate of George Soros told King World News that the event, in excess of “a thousand Lehmans” will plunge the world into utter chaos.

Victor Sperandeo has more than $ 3 billion in business 45 years, and worked with well-known personalities such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros. Below that Sperandeo said:

Victor Sperandeo: “the great event in 2017 will be the collapse of the Euro and this will lead to complete chaos...

Victor Sperandeo continues: “some currencies such as the Lira to return to Europe and all will write off the debts. This will allow you to unleash total chaos, and Europe will go into depression.

If marine Le Pen wins in France, the end of the Euro. France out of the Euro and other countries will follow. The world will witness the destruction of the Euro and the money will start to translate into hard assets such as gold and silver. But it will be chaos. It will be the destruction. It will be a depression.

Italy will also come out of the Euro. Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Five Start Movement, going to be the next Prime Minister of Italy and he wants to leave the Euro. And as soon as Italy will return to its own currency and starts printing money, it will begin to control its own Central Bank will buy its own bonds and redeem them. Just look at Britain. The fall of the pound does not cause her harm. Britain sells more goods. This is the goal that is able to control its own currency”.

Eric king: “how it will ricochet world markets?”

“This event, "thousands Lehmans”

Victor Sperandeo: “look what happened after Lehman collapsed, and ask yourself: "What is the Euro compared to the Lehman?"

Answer: thousands of Lehmans.

All of these Italian banks — largest of them bankrupt. They have 400 billion euros of non-performing loans. Where Italy is going to take money to return them to you? They're going to publish them. They will print money and through the Italian Central Bank to distribute them to the banks. But remember what happened with Lehman. The markets collapsed. And they had to return a total of one trillion dollars, and it would have saved the game.

So this will have disastrous consequences. I am sure that the country will leave the Eurozone, that's where we go. Renzi pointed to the fact that the Italians also want to leave the European Union”.

Eric king: “ as it is already unfolding and threatens "thousands of Lehmans" what is happening in the United States?”

Bad Moon Rising

Victor Sperandeo: “the global banking system is interconnected and Deutsche Bank has more than $45 trillion in derivatives and JP Morgan overtook Deutsche Bank as the leader in this. So it will be horrible and I don't even think I can describe how awful that would be, because I don't even know all the negatives that were hidden from the government. People need to find lyrics to the song Bad Moon Rising and read it carefully.

I'll just say that gold, silver and platinum are the most undervalued objects in the world. And as the financial system begins to crumble, the money will be invested in these metals, as panic will cover all and all rush to invest in hard assets.”


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