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The prophecies of the Rothschilds again came true
Material posted: Publication date: 15-01-2017
On the eve of the 2016 influential Economist magazine, which is considered a mouthpiece for "the secret rulers of the world" of the Rothschilds, according to tradition came with the mysterious cover, encrypting future events on the planet. It is time to take stock: which of the predictions came true and what is not. The cover at the request of "KP" analyze our permanent experts from the Institute for scientific research of the third Millennium, Ilya and Yuri Belosi that a year ago and deciphered for us a puzzle.


1. Ladies rule

That predicted: "the First thing that catches your eye - the three ladies with Angela Merkel in the center (to the left of the German Chancellor, Hillary Clinton, right, head of the U.S. Federal reserve Janet Yellen), wrote our experts a year ago. - A clear hint that in 2016 will strengthen the position of women in world politics. No wonder in encrypted collage "Economist" 14 men have already 10 influential ladies.

Fact: in Summer, to the surprise of many, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has become Theresa may. The President of Taiwan has also chosen lady Cai Inven. Strengthened their positions in 2016, the leader of the French "National front" marine Le Pen and the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, also appearing on the cover. However, Clinton lost in November's U.S. presidential election, but talked about it all year very much.

2. China comes

What's predicted: the Chinese President XI Jinping are depicted as if in the ring. It was squeezed by Obama and Clinton. 2016 promised to be a challenge for China. Beijing becomes objectionable to Washington. The trend of dominance of China will increase in 2016. the US are likely to answer financial wars, intensified in the South China sea, the financing of the opposition. China increases activities in the South China sea. America wants to adopt, the right to freedom of navigation by these waters their ships and aircraft.

Fact: the conflict between the US and China in the South China sea flared up with new force after the capture of 15 December the Beijing American underwater spy drone. The drone was launched from ship US Navy and was on a mission near the Subic Bay Philippine island of Luzon. "China steals the research UAV of the US Navy in international waters - pulls it out of the water and takes. In an unprecedented act," wrote trump on Twitter.

However, the Beijing throughout the year was not sitting idly by. The yuan is at its lowest level since 2008, which gives the advantage to Chinese manufacturers. At the same time China is consistently getting rid of American debt bonds. By the way, one of the campaign points trump was a promise to start a fight with the trade expansion of Beijing, to introduce a large trade duties on Chinese goods imported into the United States.

3. The Collapse Of Cameron

What's predicted: the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron is pictured on the sidelines of world politics. The puzzled look directed in the opposite direction as from the global elite, and the reader. Despite the success of the conservative party of Cameron in 2015, enabling him to form a single-party government in 2016 will be very difficult. After all, he promised the country a referendum on EU membership in case his party wins the election. Is this promise in the new year.

Fact: Cameron's Promise fulfilled. The Prime Minister himself favoured the UK remaining in the EU. But the victory was won by the supporters of the Kingdom's exit from the European Union. Cameron was forced to resign.

4. Grief Hollande

What's predicted: the French President Francois Hollande is in the purple tie. This is a special color in the history of France - the symbol of mourning. France under Hollande will overcome the trouble. First and foremost, the attacks and the migrants. Problems will adversely affect the ratings of Hollande. Behind him, Le Pen, which, by contrast, will begin to score points. Mournful Hollande has no place in the front row of world leaders. In the elections in the spring of 2017 France will have a new President.

Fact: 1 December 2016 Francois Hollande has declared that does not go for a second term, and withdrew his candidacy from the elections of the President of France.

5. Impeachment in Brazil

What's predicted: the US seeks to remove the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, to put the country's "their" President to clean up oil company Petrobras. I the NSA is listening, she is credited with the corruption that led to impeachment.

Fact: on August 31, 2016 with the decision of the Senate of Brazil Dilma Rousseff was removed from office by the President.

6. Assad under pressure

What was expected: Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is depicted as a caricature that symbolizes the rejection of the Western elite.

Fact: the Western Pressure on Assad continued throughout the year.

7. Victory in Taiwan

What predicted in January on the Taiwan elections. It is expected the victory of the leader of the Democratic progressive party of Taiwan Cai Inven. It is supported by the US and Japan. A DPP victory would lead to serious aggravation of relations with mainland China against the background of the formation of the South China sea the "Eastern NATO" anti-Chinese orientation.

Fact: 16 January 2016 Cai Inveni won a landslide victory in the elections and became the first female President of Taiwan. In the first speech, she expressed hope to strengthen relations with the United States, urged to adhere to the principle of freedom of navigation in the South China sea.

In early December, had a phone conversation with trump with the President of Taiwan, which caused great resentment in China.


8. The growth of the dollar

What's predicted: the Global economy will largely depend on the head of the US fed Janet Yellen. It will increase the rate of the U.S. Federal reserve and go from the post-crisis model of stimulation to the inflation model. Face Yellen scared, because the rate increase caused fear among investors and may lead to a new crisis. The rate increase, the fed will lead to growth of the dollar against other currencies.

Fact: In December, the rate of the U.S. Federal reserve has increased, but only to 0.75%. The forecast for next year is 1,375%. In any case, for Americans, the era of "cheap money" when you could take out a loan and through the years to give almost the same amount of dollars, came to an end.

9. The decline of the Euro

That predicted the Parachute symbolizes a with the Euro the Euro and the strengthening dollar.

Fact: In December 2016, the Euro has updated its multi-year low, dropping to almost parity to the dollar: below of 1.04 euros per dollar.

10. Mobile banks

What's predicted: a kite in the form of mobile banking. Company FinTech (financial technology) trying to oust the conventional banks.

Fact: the Era of classical banks that existed a few hundred years, coming to an end, and this last year did not say just lazy. There are alternative forms of payment and credit.


He hasn't been able to decipher

Our experts have noted a mysterious picture on the cover close to Pope Francis and the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. But not figured out the exact meaning of the picture.

It turns out that not in vain the Pope and the Patriarch was depicted next! February 12, 2016, they met in Cuba. It was the first meeting of the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church for all their long history.


The tramp in the bushes

It seems that the journal missed the main political sensation of the year. On the front cover of 2016 was Donald trump. But in the center appeared his rival Hillary Clinton. Although in September 2015, "the Economist" put a mysterious image: a helicopter with the word "trump" pulls the famous wig. Which allowed a number of conspiracy theorists to conclude that the Rothschilds will cover America and the world trump. So in the end what happened. Well, the Rothschilds have not guessed the victory of trump? Or deliberately allowed all on the wrong track? This is suggested by the cover itself. The face of the candidate in US presidents Clinton - attention! black - and-white. As Cameron departed, leaving Obama, German Chancellor Merkel, the head of the fed Yellen, whose victory trump will be a serious problem and a great chance for the departure of world politics. The trump will take office on January 20. And no wonder new prophetic cover for 2017 "the Economist" called "planet of the trump."

Eugene BLACK


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