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"People have atrophied centers of decision making". Founder amoCRM Michael Tokovinin — why is not working
Material posted: Publication date: 23-10-2020

As noted Tokovinin, 100-200 years ago, people were able to manage a large farm or a whole Empire and no means of communication.

"That left Napoleon in the next campaign, and Paris continues to live his life. And don't give him a quick call to clarify something, ask them to make a decision. No it and any question-the answer is at least a couple of weeks for couriers there and back," wrote the entrepreneur on his page in Facebook.

With the development of means of communication on the contrary most have forgotten how to make independent decisions. "Rapid communication has created irresponsibility, says Tokovinin. ― Today, when any question is seconds to escalate up and there's nothing to solve, and endlessly refined. Hundreds of emails and thousands of messages, endless conference calls ― but would not take responsibility".

According to the businessman, effective is possible only when employees work independently and be contacted occasionally to coordinate their actions. He saw it in his team.

"This makes perfect sense when you're working from California with well instructed and went to sleep, the next session after 8 hours (time difference)," ― said the businessman.

The key to a successful remote no tools, and responsibility.The thought that always amuses me how 100-200 years ago...

However, according to Tokovinine successfully to work remotely may be a few. "It turns out it's units, because over the decades developed communication tools most people have atrophied decision-making centers," he concludes.


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