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Conditions of conflict resolution
Material posted: Publication date: 22-09-2019
Continue the series of publications about the reception #of TIRES, which allows you to work with contradictions: recognize, formulate and solve. In addition, the contradiction can be used as a creative tension to create a new (but more about that in the 22nd reception Hypermachine #TAV).

Let's start with the quadrants "2x2", which we already met in the reception #KOF, when we have mapped and explored the territory (landscape). In this technique we use the same form for the articulation of contradictions.


The form for the formulation of contradictions.

For example, consider the same entrepreneur who decides where to direct profit. The method of "2×2" introduced us to two mutually exclusive decisions (to invest in your business or create a new). Simply combine the two solutions does not work. "Chasing two hares, you will catch neither!" In the best case there will be two partial solutions. To combine these two solutions require a synthesis — the creation of a fundamentally new decisions on the basis of knowledge of the situation and the experience of others.


Source: "Matrix method of thinking", 2018

To realize the full potential contradictions, it is necessary to realize that possible, and generate a solution with surprising obviousness. For the new result we need a combination ("business optimization", but they don't already have) to reach not only beyond the boundaries of the two variables, but also over the boundaries of two dimensions. New level of thinking implies status and what actions are in the form of the matrix elements of Hypermachine, reception #TIRES.


So those are the conditions for conflict resolution:

  1. Discussion and exchange of information. Needless to say that we tend to perceive conflict with any one party.
  2. Identify the interests and openness. Declare their interests, help others to speak about their interests, the only way to find a solution that works well for all parties.
  3. Objectively there is no solution, it is necessary to create, to create something new, to synthesize, which is impossible without new knowledge.
  4. Rethinking of past experience can be a source of knowledge, which is so lacking. It can be loss of detail, untested alternatives rejected alternatives or boundary conditions.
  5. New knowledge will help to act in new ways, create new quality or start to do something new.
  6. To work together, combining effort and knowledge, exchanging information and emotions, the only way to go beyond trivial decisions.
  7. Certainly in the General work someone needs to keep the focus on the contradiction, not to lose sight of him during interaction and while solving different tasks.
  8. Another fundamental point is the need for consensus, respect for the interests of others and compliance.
  9. Participants must learn to feel one when resolving conflict, to seek and appreciate the overall win.

Remains to consolidate these rules into action, so they are not distracted when looking at ways of resolving contradictions.

To be continued...

And another thing, for developing the solution, participants need to speak and to take into account basic things such as: the vision, the details of the situation, the excitement or fear, confidence, agreement between the parties the possible alternatives or boundary conditions.


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