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Clairvoyant in the view of the KGB: "It's the impact Kustova"
Material posted: Publication date: 28-10-2018
Published in "MK" conversations Lev Kolodny with the generals of the defense Ministry, the KGB, the FSB and the FSO they were told about the program declassified, which for fifteen years was engaged in V/CH 10003 General staff and other closed institutions. The military studied people with inexplicable powers not only to heal, but to convey thoughts, to foresee the future... They can influence the situation and behavior of people, to prevent danger, to find the perpetrators. Interlocutors "MK" repeatedly with gratitude mentioned the name of Valery Kustova. It's time to give him the floor.

— Valeriy, I was told that you explored not only the military, and the IRE of the USSR, where he served as June. I did three years was accompanied by the laboratory headed by academician Gulyaev and Professor of the Year in Starosadskiy lane. But you were never seen.

— I'll explain why. In the lab Gulyaev—years Old I came in accompanied by the staff of the competent authorities. Often sat in a chair, from which just stood Djuna Davitashvili. But we communicate not allowed. We met many years later, when the program with my participation declassified. I was asked to maintain her health, in the treatment process, we became friends, to memory dear, she wrote me a testimonial:

"Valery Kustov — the only specialist that I have made to myself. He is a very strong healer and in the treatment shows real results. When he does, I feel its bioenergetic effect. Valery is a genius in his work, with kind, bright people. I wish him many years to help people!"

She was talented in many areas person, but behind the walls of laboratories fully surrendered to the healing. I possess this gift, but I was attracted to the solution of many other problems...

photo: From personal archive
With June at her house.
— Before you hear about them, tell us about yourself: where it all began, what inspired you to do what many consider at best a suggestion, a mistake of the journalists?

— I was born in Nalchik in 1949. In two years, survived clinical death because of the mistakes of the nurses who entered the wrong drugs. Many years later Lieutenant-General Alexei Savin Yu said at the time, I probably got my ability. Gradually everything returned to normal, I was cheerful, active child.

photo: From personal archive
With Lieutenant-General Alexei Savin, the commander V/CH 10003.

— As far as I know, clinical death, serious illness has awakened the phenomenal abilities of Ninel Kulagina, who became also the object of study in the laboratory Gulyaev—Old. When I felt an unexplainable gift, capable of hitting people?

The first unusual phenomena have been happening to me of 14 years. If someone you know was sick, somehow I knew if it will be good. If not, could name and approximate date of death. Over time, relatives began to pay attention, that with my touch, there are sparks and a tingling sensation, like static electricity. And in the same conditions as other people nothing like this has happened.

The day before the first entrance exam to the Institute of distant relative offered to predict my fate. I answered that anything similar did not believe. But she stretched out her Tarot cards said, "Tomorrow can exam no go — still get "poor". But later will come to the correspondence Department and will study for a long time. Not because you're hard doctrine, but because you're going to help people."

All happened exactly as was predicted, could not solve the problem, which has already been decided earlier, was stuck! And I believed that my path in life is predetermined. Later there were still plenty of signs that it was confirmed.

— How did you get into the field of security services, the KGB — have offered their services?

— No, of course. During a session at the Institute, passing the exam, I suddenly saw his teacher in the form of major, although he was in a suit. I stopped and said, "See the form of major. You don't wear them yesterday?" The teacher winced and sharply responded that the military ever was. The next day my aunt, who had ties to the KGB, warned me: "what did You do? You established the clock surveillance record all contacts and conversations! Be careful and don't say got!" As it turned out, the teacher served in the KGB, received the rank of major and the day before the exam wore the new uniform with epaulets to be photographed for identification...

When I started to work on a specialty, I developed the ability to treat. A simple hand movement without touching the body, I got rid of pain the employee, who suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus. Later, she gave birth to a healthy child.

— Valeriy, about healing, contactless massage, I know a lot of things from Junes — I'd love to hear about your secret service...

— The rumor about my strange treatment spread a little Volgodonsk, where I lived with a family. I learned in the KGB and other power structures. I became involved in the investigation of criminal offences, industrial espionage. Security officers are people too and hurt, I treated them... the Results are so struck them that my powers decided to explore in the Rostov medical Institute. Lasted check a few months under the supervision of the chief of regional Department of the KGB General-Lieutenant Alexei Khlestkov, with whom I met every day.

In 1982 I was given a document stating that my abilities are confirmed in the comprehensive experiments give real results. I received recognition from the medical community, with the official right treatment, he began to receive in the clinic.

— Around the same time officially began to study the juna, but it involved physics, and you fell into the orbit of the KGB not only as a healer....

Secret service, believing in me, began to systematically involve the disclosure of serious crimes. I saw and have described to them how it all happened, what were the criminals and victims, where and what you can find... In most cases my descriptions helped to solve crimes, and sometimes to prevent.

Were a lot of cases, they are all somewhat similar to each other... you have been recently told to "MK" major-General, Nikolay sham, a former first Deputy Chairman of the KGB of the USSR.

Very important was my work on the Rostov nuclear power station in the proximity of the Caucasus, where a war was going on. The station Director Vladimir Pogorelov, on the recommendation of the local security services invited me to be his Advisor on information security. I brought some equipment defects that could lead to accidents of different severity. The most serious of them was a defect of the turbine blades, which could lead to a catastrophe comparable to Chernobyl. It is almost impossible to detect without special study, which was not planned, but followed my instructions. In my estimation, this defect of the turbine was deliberate sabotage and terrorist attack. The case was transferred to special services, and the investigation was classified. Rostov NPP for this work awarded me appreciation certificate of appreciation.

Once our station was visited by the Deputy Director southern-the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Leonid Korchagin. Our Director] asked me to assess the current situation on the reliability of his station. I "removed" the information and said that within 10 days since the return on Korchagina staff in the third unit, and specific location of accident occurs during a shift, which will run an engineer, whose name is associated with glasses. To prevent accident, I was recommended to send this employee for a while on vacation. Korchagin noted with surprise that in the third block really works engineer named Achkasov. But surprise was not enough: the station had not complied with my recommendation. As a result, on the 7th day in the place I pulled the plug, which led to the stop of the power unit at SUNPP. Just in this change worked engineer Achkasov. His guilt in the incident was not, but his absence could change the configuration of the information field in the time of the accident and prevent it. Pavel invited me to SUNPP for the analysis of security station...

— Valeriy, can you influence the phenomena of nature, what I was told Joon and what I don't really believe?

— Can you tell us about the visit of the head of Ministry of atomic energy Adamov at our nuclear power station. When his helicopter flew to Roses, played out snow storm, the pilot was unable to land more than an hour circling in the air. Then Pogorelov tracked me down by phone in another city and asked to ensure the landing of the helicopter. I made a program, being on distance more than 300 km. in 20 minutes the storm subsided, the helicopter landed, there was a meeting, and after the departure of Adam storm resumed. Such cases had a lot of...

— Rostov-on-don, you are not restricted. As has come to the attention of the leadership of the special services of the USSR?

— Me reported to the Central office, and I was summoned to Moscow, where I was in 1984, met with Nikolay Sham, then the other generals and senior officers of the KGB, the interior Ministry and the General staff. Began a collaboration with the main echelons of the security services. For me it meant constant trips to Moscow and other cities. The calls came from different ministries, and sometimes from the CPSU Central Committee and the government.

My ability researched at the Institute of aviation and space medicine and many other relevant institutions. One day, as soon as the experiment started, all electronic equipment laboratory of the Institute of the brain has shut down. Scientists explained to us that they have very sensitive devices: apparently, there was a solar flare, and the equipment reacted. What the officer escorting me answered: "It's all the impact Kustova!" We left the equipment immediately worked. The next day the same thing again. Here, even the skeptics realized that solar flares can occur on the order just at the moment when with me at the station begins the experiment. The scientists said that their equipment can not withstand such impact forces, and I was sent to study in another unit.

— You often say: "did the program", "simulated program" — what the meaning of these mysterious words?

— It's hard to explain what I can not understand hundreds of years of the Academy of Sciences of the whole world. Together with the analysis of situations not only involved in the forecasting and planning of actions and their results. Mentally see the images and events that occur in the information field that is not measurable as an electromagnetic field and other fields known to physicists. But this does not mean that it can not influence.

Try to help every person not only for health and business, but also to establish a life, change the world. Consulting the business model of the transaction, if necessary, remove the information about the future and make adjustments.

— Did you like Juneau, meet and make friends with wonderful people?

In my office quite often come to famous people, many of whom then develop friendships. But to call them I can't for ethical reasons.

In my life there were many things about which it is not yet time to tell... I am constantly exploring today. The materials for most projects in which I was involved was kept secret until now.

Lev Kolodny


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