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Research toward "Science and Society" focused on the identification and study of the factors contributing to the improvement of quality of life. The studies cover areas such as science, education, health, environment and others. Special attention is paid to the issues of formation of the national innovation system, innovative ways to improve the development and growth of innovative potential. Examines the role and place of the innovation potential in the formation of geopolitical power center.

Five reasons why you should not become a Professor

My clever children often reproach me, impractical and a wasteful attitude to his own life. I trained in mathematics, went to the bankers; who knows the Russian language and literature, has not entered the political arena; understands a lot about good food, became a restaurateur – well, and so on. And I was only a Professor and as a result all the best have managed to give them only the ability to learn.

23-04-2017 admin 116 0

Question of the day: why the rector receives 2 million, and the teacher is 20 thousand?

In the network appeared a new open letter to the Minister of education of the Russian Federation. The author - lecturer, candidate of historical Sciences Irina Kantorovich decided to continue the thoughts of Professor Vera Afanasyeva from MSP, which came to the conclusion that the Russian education is in a deplorable condition. But salvation is possible.

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This is advantageous to stop the observations from the Pulkovo Observatory

The Commission of FANO (Federal Agency of scientific organizations) and current Director of the Pulkovo Observatory took the decision on inexpediency of astronomical observations at Pulkovo. In fact, the Observatory was sentenced to death. Why sentenced and why the sentence is absurd? – we talked to a leading researcher of the Main (Pulkovo) astronomical Observatory of RAS, candidate of physical-mathematical Sciences Olga CUEVAS.

22-04-2017 admin 203 0

The US is experiencing a EM Drive on Board secret X-37B

In the past year, perhaps only certainly not interested in the technology people have not heard about the "impossible" electromagnetic Drive motor EM – fuel-free alternative to currently used chemical rocket engines, which allegedly violates Newton's third law and is able to generate jet thrust. Interesting this story was in December of last year, when the Chinese government has announced that it is testing the EM Drive in space. A little later the information appeared that the United States carried out similar tests on Board secret spaceplane X-37B. Five months later, these rumors still circulate in the Network, so let's deal.

18-04-2017 admin 842 0

Mobile nuclear plant in the USSR

Energy — the main resource of mankind. More precisely, electricity. In practice it is entered by historical standards recently, but has already turned into a source of life for us. Too much depends on it: industry, food production, water supply, transport management, urban lighting, a myriad of devices, from elevators and air purification systems and ventilation of buildings to your laptop and mobile phone. If tomorrow the socket runs out of electricity, will be chaos and collapse. Even in rural areas, the disappearance of electricity will, though not fatal, but very unpleasant event. But for medium and large cities is a nightmare scenario comparable to carpet bombing. Electricity is life.

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