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Research toward "Science and Society" focused on the identification and study of the factors contributing to the improvement of quality of life. The studies cover areas such as science, education, health, environment and others. Special attention is paid to the issues of formation of the national innovation system, innovative ways to improve the development and growth of innovative potential. Examines the role and place of the innovation potential in the formation of geopolitical power center.

"VEB Innovations" will create a consortium for the development of robotics and cyber systems

Company "VEB Innovation" plans to create in 2018 consortia for the development of robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems and other technologies of the future, said to RIA Novosti, the General Director of the company Kirill Bulatov.

25-02-2018 admin 65 0

SpaceX — what does it cost to build the Falcon Heavy. Who is it all

Elon Musk is surprised, and can say that and amused the scientific community in April 2011. The entrepreneur first announced the Falcon Heavy and told how it should work. Since then began the development stage of "the exploration of deep space" from SpaceX. The company gradually began to implement his plan. "This missile is really huge," he said as the Mask without much specifics. Any of these characteristics was given a little later.

22-02-2018 admin 248 0

Michio Kaku said, what kind of future awaits us in 20 years

Speaking at the World Government Summit held in Dubai, specialist in theoretical physics, the famous popularizer of science, author of many popular science books Michio Kaku led discussion of the topic that will affect us (under us refers to all humanity) in the next 20 years. It was about the changes: those things, and technologies that will change our lives, logging in almost every aspect.

21-02-2018 admin 264 0

Some approaches to the identification of not previously identified threats to national security

One of the most important, not having to date, the precise apparatus to address is the problem of detecting and identifying new threats to national security.

15-02-2018 Grinyaev Sergey 441 0

Near miss flight to the moon

Not all models of manned spacecraft to reach a full flight crew. This could be and finish, but the further fate of the ship can arise in different ways. Buran, the Soviet answer to the space Shuttle has made just one test flight. And in the eyes of many he is already one of this flight surpassed the Shuttle, making unmanned the fact that the Shuttle was always doing pilots. In the end, his fame he can compete with some of the ships, which successfully flew people. Some of the other ships almost forgotten and seldom mentioned outside specialized sites. One of these ships could greatly affect the results of the lunar race, but instead fell victim to Soviet secrecy.

06-02-2018 admin 459 0

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