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Elon Musk is ready to present the plan for the merger of brain and computer

It became known that Elon musk plans to create a company that will deal with the merger of brain and computer (Yes), will be announced on Monday, April 17, in a giant article on the website Wait But Why. Will the presentation Tim urban, the infamous "chronicler" Elon musk. For example, he told about the plans of the Mask on the colonization of Mars and about artificial intelligence.


Not available eye: scientists for the first time, "photographed" dark matter

Canadian researchers have received an image which they claim is visible filament of dark matter connecting a pair of neighboring galaxies. Scientists say that this is the first ever such shot. Formerly, it was limited to mapping the distribution of dark matter in outer space. RT talks about the complexities of the search for a mysterious substance.


How SpaceX plans to colonize Mars

Us company SpaceX, the developer of a unique space technologies, is preparing to send tourists to travel to the moon and colonize Mars. Lifehacker explains why these projects will surely come to life.


Whether people are aware of that going to Mars is a one way ticket?

Elon Musk wants to send mankind to Mars. To work and as patron, in this case he doesn't, so wishing to travel to the Red planet would be fit to cook their dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, to be exact. The last successful project of the company SpaceX is the first in the history of rocketry launch and landing already proven earlier stage of the rocket carrier, it is not surprising if "space enthusiasts", typically the billionaire could step up after this news and have already started saving their money for a one way ticket.


Geoengineering the sky is scary, but you have to start

The world's largest experiment on the cooling of the planet due to the change in atmosphere has already started. It is very important that he continued game says Cascio. Some scientists are developing geoengineering techniques alter the atmosphere to cool the Earth, consider that this is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, this terrible idea we need to accept and use soon.


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