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10 the coming "end of the world", which need not to sleep

Remember 2012? And remember, all ten years before the year the world almost every month was appointed "doomsday" in 2012? But struck chimes, came out a few disaster movies and... nothing happened. The world has not ended. I think that astrologers have failed? As it is not so.


Elon Musk: competition in the field of artificial intelligence could lead to a world war

American billionaire inventor and investor Elon Musk believes that competition between countries for superiority in the field of artificial intelligence can become a cause of world war II. About this he wrote Monday on Twitter.


To burn the library of Alexandria-2. GOOGLE has digitized 25 million books — why can't they be read?

A fascinating story about how the human naivety and greed strangled the most ambitious IT project of the Millennium project to digitize all of the books in the world. Published in The Atlantic, we offer a relatively short version.


So at different times saw a future of interstellar travel

In 1973, the British interplanetary society is the first and oldest organization, the purpose of which was announced exclusively space research, development and support of space exploration, has launched an ambitious five-year project on search and development of the most promising design of unmanned spacecraft designed for interstellar travel. First among the proposed solutions was "Daedalus". This plan was even more ambitious and set a key goal to seek opportunities for manned journeys to different stars, with the aim of using technologies of the near future.


"Dark DNA" can change the way we think about evolution

The DNA sequencing technology is helping scientists find answers to the questions that tormented people for centuries. Charting the genomes of animals, we get a better idea of how the giraffe acquired its long neck and why snakes are so long. Genome sequencing allows us to compare and contrast the DNA of different animals and figuring out how they evolved and to be who they are.


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