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Nine major technological breakthroughs 2019

When Alexander Chistyakov, I am a Evangelist and about 9 the best technology events of 2019. In the assessment I relied more on your taste than on the opinion of experts. Therefore, in this list, for example, was not included unmanned vehicles, because nothing new and surprising in this technology.


The Creator of the Internet told me how to do it all well

Tim Berners-Lee who created the standards URI, URL, HTTP, HTML and WWW, published in The New York Times article entitled "I invented the world wide web. Here's how we can fix it". According to him, the Internet was not such as was conceived three decades ago, and it is necessary to do something.


How much energy is needed for the brain to work?

As you know, every day, a person must obtain from food on average a couple of thousand calories in order to provide the necessary amount of energy your body. Of course, each person has such a figure is purely individual and quite unstable, in fact, because of different conditions and lifestyle it needs both increase and decrease. However, how the brain is responsible for large-scale energy absorption in people with active mental activity and is it true that the high brain activity promotes easy weight loss?


Seven technologies that will define the year 2020

Personalized medicine, high-speed next-generation Internet and other developments that will affect our lives.


Space travel, underground house and burgers from beetles. Samsung showed its vision of the future world

Samsung unveiled its forecast in technology, healthcare, entertainment, food and transportation for the next 50 years. According to the South Korean giant, people will begin to travel beyond our planet, the house will be built deep into the Earth, human organs to print on 3D printers, and Quidditch becomes a reality.


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