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New ARM processors are ready for application AI

The British Corporation ARM has improved heterogeneous computing architecture ARM big.LITTLE, upon which all the leading microprocessors since ARM Cortex-A7 (2011) — and yesterday presented a new heterogeneous architecture DynamIQ big.LITTLE. On-chip dedicated area for special hardware accelerators applications of machine learning. Perhaps in the future, hardware support for neural networks will become a new trend among developers of microprocessors and an essential quality of new smartphones.


The consciousness has no place in the body, and the relationship of brain and mind - the mystery of the primeval

Academician, head of the neurosurgical Department of the RSPC of neurology and neurosurgery, neurosurgeon Arnold smeyanovich F. over the 47 years of practice have conducted brain surgery almost 9000 patients. People recorded in the potential with disabilities become employable. More than 5 years he had no operating mortality. 250 the most complex surgeries every year, Dr. Smeyanovich performs personally. Sensitive to others ' pain people, ready around the clock to save others.


Points played. As people have suffered from killings and rape in virtual reality

A thriving industry of virtual reality may replace the roller coaster ride, to diversify the viewing of video for adults or scare to the horror in the horror of Resident Evil 7. On VR the great hopes of the Sony, Samsung and HTC, but Google and Facebook are actively implementing on their platforms panoramic video. But sometimes the immersion in the virtual world will grant and negative emotions. "" figured out how people become victims of virtual crimes, and whether they have to punish the perpetrators.


The more accurate the clock, the more blurred becomes the time

Time is a strange thing. We used to count the hours, but the Universe is not some main clocks and dials, so we can experience time differently, depending on how we move or how we are affected by gravity. Physicists have tried to unite the two great theories physicists to conclude that time is not only not agreed upon a universal, and any clock that we use to measure it, erode over time in the surrounding space.


He-who-can, but should: SpaceX and the prospects of colonization of Mars

Today, we observe with interest how the SpaceX rocket vertically landing on a floating platform. Tomorrow we look out the window of the Mars dome (will it have Windows?), to admire the flowering tomatoes. Between today and tomorrow — gap length... theoretically 10 to 20 years. Almost of the progress mankind has never seen, and over the last 50 years.


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