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As brain-computer interface Elon musk could change the world?

In March, Elon Musk announced the ambitious project to merge humans and machines with the help of brain-computer interface called Neuralink. We are told in detail. The technology will be in the form of input to the brain "neural lace" — from the grid of electrodes which will complement the human brain, will add another layer to the cortex and limbic system, can communicate with the computer (i.e. will make us cyborgs in the literal sense).


More than one hundred of the Top 500 supercomputers use accelerators computing

It is no secret that more and more supercomputers are using accelerators computing on the graphics processors, or special co-processors to achieve unprecedented power at relatively low power consumption. According to a new list of five hundred most powerful supercomputers in the world, more than a hundred already uses GPU accelerators. NVIDIA Tesla cards remain the most popular accelerators for HPC (high-performance computing, HPC).


We enter the next era of drones

These automated flying robots — tiny, cheap and they do not mind to break. In large groups they can save your life or become the most deadly weapon since the advent of the machine gun. What are you when you think about unmanned aerial vehicle? Modest toy with remote control and a propeller, or large unmanned military aircraft? Very soon, these images can be very different: drones are getting smaller, cheaper, can be automatically gather in groups of hundreds or even thousands, like bees or birds. They are called a swarm — drones collect enough together, and they will be able to outperform people in many respects. They could save your life or become a lethal and powerful force on the battlefield.


Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka: "I am delighted with the Mask and SpaceX"

On the occasion of the cosmonautics Day a popular entertainment and informational social network (sort of contribution to Reddit) was invited to the AMA-session Gennady I. Padalka, Hero of the Russian Federation, the Colonel of the air force, the Russian cosmonaut, and the man occupying the first place in total duration spent in space, which is 878 days. Gennady Ivanovich with great interest responded to the invitation and answered the questions of the users of this social network. The most interesting questions and answers we decided to bring here.


Startup Vector Space Systems has tested a five-ton rocket

Last spring, two employees of SpaceX, who founded the company, founded a startup Vector Space Systems, in which decided to develop a small commercial rockets. A year after founding the company Vector Space Systems reported the successful test run of a small five-ton rocket Vector R, intended for output of small satellites and meteorological probes into orbit.


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