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The future will never come
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 14-03-2017

Onthe browser of life Ivan Halachev — about what the future promised by science fiction in books and movies of our youth, and will remain on the pages and on the screen. Forever.

2017. Flying cars are still there. Levitating skateboards exist only in the projects. Sneakers with an automatic lacing is still not routine, and the luxury at $ 800 per pair. Instead of virtual reality, social network meme about Dmitry Malikov and Diana Shurygina. Instead of an all — powerful hackers dvach, a group of social outcasts with no moral compass, but with time to spare.

Children of the nineties instead of the busy parents brought a TV and books. The near future then after the "Back to the future", "Neuromancer" and "dissenting opinions" seemed a time of miracles, needed just a little bit boring to wait five or ten years and half will live on the moon (if you're lucky, and Mars), and the other half bezvylazno stuck in virtual reality. The terrible disease will be cured, and the world will manage the smart (and definitely good) machine.

As it is not so. Ten years passed, then fifteen and twenty. During this time have changed exactly two things: now all are a plastic or steel remnants from the screen, these stylish sticks for annual income of workers in third world countries are connected via invisible channels between them. All. The disease was, and remains, the world is run not even a giant Corporation, as promised by the writers sterling and Gibson, for example Facebook or Google, and not the Jewish Freemasons with the reptilians. The world generally seems to be no controls.

No virtual reality, too, failed. Everything that happens on the screens of our phones so long ago a better, brighter and more beautiful than gray routine outside mnogogolovy matrices. Recent advances in development of technologies of virtual reality helmets (PS, VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) is still in the future will serve the porn industry. No news about the use of these technologies in industry or medicine don't care about a single person. Imagine the sadness of the founders: it is as if in the world of "Star wars" lightsaber inventors first realized that he most often will serve as a Dildo.

In 2007, each person with access to the Internet swore up and down that doesn't watch TV, used the dismissive word "zomboyaschik" and predicted the TV quick death. The predictions have not come true: the main topic for public discussion sounds like "can I have sex with a sleeping underage girl if she behaves like a skin?" For emphasis the question was asked five times in Prime time's biggest TV channel of the country. I wanted to hope that these discussions in the past along with the long-haired Dmitry Nagiyev and the program "Windows", but no. Sometimes they come back.

We invented the Internet and the social networks that we were promised by the science fiction almost since the mid-seventies. But instead the exchange of information and other benefits we are looking for a clamorous fools who sometimes can not put three words in a meaningful sentence, but impeccably mounted and put lighting in the frame. The Internet has so much time been a territory of complete freedom and so carefully denied the usual dogma that it is unclear how his heroes are those who use them now: PewDiePie, Iwangi and Katya Klep, Maria Wei. This is not the future promised by science fiction, it's some kind of cruel joke.

Maybe science will help? No, there still worse. Scientists breaks in half between the thirst for discovery and desire to warn the townsfolk about the end of the world. Today they happily present a new exoplanet, although yesterday proved that humanity produced enough fuel in order for our children to catch the events of the film "Mad Max" in reality. We are planning the colonization of Mars and fantasize as going to build the city of your dreams right in the middle of the crater Schiaparelli, while illnesses like the flu year after year develop resistance to antibiotics.

What is the burning question bothers people more now? How to prevent the extinction of mankind as a species? How to stop global warming? How to insure against mutated flu, which can easily mow for one season a tenth of the population of the Earth? Or where's our fucking flying cars?

No. Leaking is actually a resin from the monument to the last Emperor of a country that ceased to exist almost a century ago?

It is hoped that the future will come when in the sky over cities will begin to fly hundreds of office drones, and to ride on the roads unmanned vehicles. But then come to the aid of our relatives and start to throw in quadcopters stones and throw the autopilot at the wheel, explaining that if the machine does not control people, it just drives the devil.

Sometimes it seems that if we are not destined to see the world from the second part of "Back to the future" or "Neuromancer" by William Gibson, it would not hurt to fulfill the prophecy from the movie "Terminator". Then Shurygina, crying busts and other nonsense will give way to a really important knowledge: how to cook a rat how to care for plasma weapons and where the model T-600 vulnerabilities.

Ivan Halachev


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