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The technology of the future. How artificial intelligence will be in 2019?
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 06-06-2019

Robots and artificial intelligence. What ten years ago seemed a distant future, is now part of our everyday life. In this article we have gathered the trends and forecasts of development of artificial intelligence in 2019.

More transparency

Use of personal information, collection and analysis of data worldwide, users are increasingly concerned about the use of their personal data. But this question also torments and developers who are creating artificial intelligence. They will increasingly ask their guidance regarding how to apply one or another of their development, and, perhaps, to abandon those which can adversely affect a person's daily life.kakim-budet-iskusstvennyiy-intellekt-2019_02.jpg

Every day the safety of personal data is becoming an increasingly sensitive topic. So at the beginning of 2018, several English language Newspapers published some scandalous material about Cambridge Analytica. This company managed to collect information about 50 millions of people in Facebook — their behavior, tastes and opinions. This information allowed them to sell hundreds of accurate targeted political advertising messages. This is one of the largest leaks of personal data in the history of the Internet.

Fakie in the air

Deep fakes – technology, which will actively develop in 2019. Using artificial intelligence it will create fake commercials, are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Unauthentic texts, audio and video, which really was not a fake photo. You can imagine how this can affect the daily life of every person? And to identify a fake self will be almost impossible to handle it will help all the same artificial intelligence.kakim-budet-iskusstvennyiy-intellekt-2019_03.jpg

Despite the fact that this technology has a great future, it is now used primarily for entertainment — create memes and adult content. Especially active users of the site Reddit, which launched a series of memes, where people of different characters in movies and TV series replace the face of actor Nicolas cage. And that's really fucking funny.

Total surveillance

Total surveillance of user preferences in social networks, queries in search engines – this trend will certainly continue in the coming years. Big Brother is watching us and it works in every major international companies. For processing huge amounts of data about each of the us companies are willing to pay big money, and to cope with this task is only capable of artificial intelligence.kakim-budet-iskusstvennyiy-intellekt-2019_04.jpg

Until the surveillance was most successful of the state security service, which is using cameras to find criminals and fix the offense. The system has already proven its effectiveness, although sometimes there are oddities. For example, a road system of face recognition in the Chinese city of Ningbo, wrote a fine businesswoman Dong mingzhu for crossing the road in the wrong place. That's just the mistress mingzhu wasn't even there — the camera recorded her face in the advertisement on the bus that was passing by. The story quickly spread around the Internet and became an occasion for numerous jokes. The penalty, of course, was canceled, and the city administration has apologized to a businesswoman.

Machine vision

Machine vision now is widely used. To count the number of people in the stadium, to check the quality of the machine parts, to recognize contents of the image. Machine vision is becoming more familiar to people. And very soon each of us will be using a smartphone to identify the author of the picture or to recognize a piece of clothing to find in the store a similar thing – even down to a specific style and material.kakim-budet-iskusstvennyiy-intellekt-2019_05.jpg

This technology is already trying to implement major companies around the world. For example, in 2018 the largest chain of cinemas started to test computer vision in their cinemas. The system allows to determine the number of viewers, their gender, age and other characteristics. Using machine vision cinemas will be able to analyze attendance and audience data allows you to fine-tune advertising and plan repertoire.

AI security watch

Artificial intelligence has become part of the "smart" technology – it is already in TVs, smartphones, or music speakers. But in the field of information security, its distribution is not so noticeable. However, in modern conditions the cyber security without the help of artificial intelligence impossible. Therefore, companies will increasingly use artificial intelligence to data protection.kakim-budet-iskusstvennyiy-intellekt-2019_06.jpg

Already created and thriving startups that deal exclusively with cyber security. A striking example — the company GreatHorn. Her services keep track of new phishing campaign mailings and filtered incoming mail computers. This helps to prevent viruses and data leakage. GreatHorn has become the operator of the cloud service for email security for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and Slack.

A matter of trust

Yes, artificial intelligence today is part of our life. Aircraft controlled by the autopilot, we communicate with voice assistants, and music services easily guess our mood, offering the desired podcast. But is it easy to transfer the machine control over those aspects of life that have always depended on us? Is it possible to have 100% trust self-driving car or robot assistant, which eventually will replace the operator of the call center? Obviously, the question of confidence in AI every year will stand all the more urgent.

First and foremost, the credibility of AI undermine such a tragic history as an accident in Arizona, where unmanned vehicle company Uber, which has been tested on the streets of the city, knocked down a pedestrian. And despite the fact that the investigation revealed that neither the car nor the operator sitting in the cabin, no blame — this incident has caused rough reaction of the public, and the company Uber has suspended testing of its unmanned vehicles.

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