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How will look life after 100 years
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 05-05-2019

Interested to know how to change surrounding people reality in the future. All of the following results based on works of famous researchers: Scott MX Rohit Talwar, Alexander Lopatin, Chris Nielsen and etc. So if you disagree with some claim is a question for them.

1. Quantum telecommunications

Someone might hear about how they are testing quantum computers. Their main feature – the "endless" multi-tasking. If a modern PC, solving multiple tasks, distributes resources among them, the quantum device will be able to do it with the same capacity for many simultaneous processes.

Квантовый компьютер позволит одновременно решать множество задач без потери производительности
A quantum computer will allow to solve many tasks without loss of performance

Scott MX claims that in 100 years all disappear wired telecommunications. Everything will be done via satellites using quantum mechanism. Different kinds of cable services (Internet, TV, etc.) will disappear.

2. Virtual multiverse

Already, there is virtualization of our existence. Just look at Internet and online games. Many here spend 5 or more hours a day. And, most interestingly, you perform in this environment, a role that may not match with reality.

Гаджеты виртуальной реальности пока что очень дорогие
Gadgets virtual reality is very expensive

Says S. the MX, the development of virtual reality technology will allow each individual to "exist" in parallel, different worlds. In one environment you can be a brave warrior, another oligarch and the third a taxi driver. And all this at the same time. And in all these ways you will be able to achieve certain goals, which are meaningful in one way or another artificial universe.

3. Communal system

Says futurist Rohit Talwar, modern trends show that the world is gradually reduce the role of governments and presidents. Gradually, in the first place is society and its structures. It is a return to the communal system, which in some way has the dream of the Communists and utopians.

Бесплатный транспорт можно найти и сегодня в мегаполисах
Free transport can be found today in Metropolitan areas

Global solutions will not be accepted in the offices of the White house, and in a public environment. Every business by 50% or more will become public. Appear civil services: free food, education, transport. In General, physical labor will cease to be needed: it will be robots.

4. Virtual currency

Even now we see how gradually gone from circulation paper money. Almost the entire country sits on the cards. In the future, everyone will only increase. Good or not – the question is moot. After all, it will allow you to have full control over your savings and monitor all transactions.

Криптовалюта, возможно, не выживет, но виртуальные деньги станут единственным средством платежа
Cryptocurrency may not survive, but virtual money will be the only means of payment

After 100 years, the world could reach such a level as A. Lopatin believes that at birth each person is a special integrated chip. It will store the history of all operations, replenish currency. Will not need to carry a wallet or to look for exchange offices. Anywhere in the world you will be able to pay for everything with a banal expression.

5. Electronic doctor

At birth each person will be supplied with certain add-ons that will allow to monitor the condition of the body. Says K. Nielsen, certain sensors are able to detect risks of certain diseases, proactively preventing and guiding you in a particular medical center.

Человек станет сам по себе компьютером
Man will be itself a computer

In fact, parents will be able to always know the whereabouts of the child, to follow its development. Even today, Elon musk is working on a similar kind of technology. Therefore, in the future their use will become somewhat commonplace.


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