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Space travel, underground house and burgers from beetles. Samsung showed its vision of the future world
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 26-10-2019

Samsung unveiled its forecast in technology, healthcare, entertainment, food and transportation for the next 50 years. According to the South Korean giant, people will begin to travel beyond our planet, the house will be built deep into the Earth, human organs to print on 3D printers, and Quidditch becomes a reality.

During the opening in London of a new interactive space Samsung KX six leading scientists and futurists of Britain first got together and spoke about the vision for the future of humanity in 50 years. The assumptions expressed by:

  • techUK President Jacqueline de Rojas, Director, engineering and education Royal Academy of engineering
  • Dr. Rice Morgan, award-winning futurist
  • Dr. Morgan Gail, futurist, specializing in digital health
  • Manish Junga, specialist consultant the Royal College of art's innovation design
  • Professor Dale Russell
  • leading futurist Matthew Griffin.

Мир будущего от Samsung

According to futurists, in the future people will be able to travel not only on the Earth's surface, but also depth and space.

  • Underwater supertrassytransport system of tight tunnels that are suitable for travel at subsonic speeds, will travel from Britain to mainland Europe and Scandinavia in less than an hour.
  • Air taxis and buses: people will be able to sit in the nearest available "air taxi", a powerful and fast helicopter will deliver them to their destination, avoiding traffic jams on the roads and using the space over the rivers and canals, to lay the quickest route.
  • Journey into space on a rocket: if we are talking about more long range, most of the international flights will be performed on reusable rockets within the space immediately outside the upper atmosphere at a speed slightly less than 32 187 km/h, so from London to new York can be reached in 30 minutes.

Мир будущего от Samsung

Significant changes are also expected in health and nutrition.

  • Virtual companions: personal digital companion will receive information about us and our health throughout our life and to suggest what choice to make to stay in the best shape.
  • 3D printing of vital organs: they can be transplanted into people whose organs are damaged and can not be reversed. Moreover, the artificial parts of the body can be even better than those with which people were born. For example, the eye, with improved night vision or powerful hearts and lungs of athletes.
  • Street food and burgers insects: insects will be one of the main sources of dietary protein for humans. Each kitchen is equipped with countertops for growing insects with a working surface and a small box to collect the "harvest".

Мир будущего от Samsung

In the future world there will be new entertainment:

  • Air sports matches: people will cheer for their favorite team, while the athletes will be able to fly around the stadium on hoverboard.
  • Interactive films and computer games: for watching movies at home, you can purchase inexpensive but high-tech tactile costumes that will allow you to physically feel part of a movie or a video game.
  • Holidays in space: the people will enjoy the luxury of space hotels in orbit of the moon or other planets, generate their own gravity fields.

Мир будущего от Samsung

According to a survey of two thousand adults of the British, they most want to see to 2069 year, fully self-cleaning house, implants that monitor the health of a person, and a super fast air travel.

Мир будущего от Samsung

Top 20 desirable predictions from ordinary people:

  • House with automatic cleaning with robot — 63%
  • Implants to monitor health status and translation from any language — 44%
  • Air taxis and buses-drones — 33%
  • 3D printing organs — 33%
  • Travel on the rockets through the middle space — 31%
  • Robotic technology in surgery and medical practice, 29%
  • Virtual assistant for health maintenance 24/7 — 28%
  • Touch-sensitive costumes for immersive virtual reality — 28%
  • Vertical trusses on the facades of buildings — 26%
  • Hotels in space — 20%
  • Underwater highway — 19%
  • Interactive cinema, physical presence in VR content — 18%
  • Available fast food from insect — 17%
  • Telescribe (inverted skyscrapers, deepening into the earth) — 16%
  • Air sports games on hoverboard in the style of Quidditch — 16%
  • Eternal life with memories in the cloud — 14%
  • Virtual multi-touch tourist trips — 14%
  • Food according to the individual plan developed with implantable sensors — 14%
  • Direct connection of the brain to the Internet — 12%
  • Sent via brain transfer TV broadcasts and movies with the help of optoelectronic devices — 9%



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