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Jobs for the future: how interesting will be the jobs?
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 08-02-2018

Who has not read in the headlines: the robots are coming and will take away our jobs? In fact, up to 45% of work tasks currently being performed by workers of various kinds, can be automated using existing technologies. And what will appear in the future? Nevertheless, there is in this story one thing that is often overlooked: at the same time, new technologies destroy jobs, they create many new ones. In fact, more than half of the jobs that are currently ahead of time preparing students in the future will cease to exist. Innovations continue to bring incredible new industry in which the fountain begins to beat new jobs.

We too often use their image to see a bleak future in which robots put us out of work and the meaning of existence. But we can imagine the incredible parallel future in which technology creates more opportunities for workers of different directions.

What awaits us in our working future?

Creative segment

Technology trends should lead us to the so-called "economy of the imagination". It is defined as "an economy where intuitive and creative thinking creates economic value after logical and rational thinking is given to the performance of other types of economy." People are still doing better than machines when it comes to inventions and retraction of intellectual, creative and imaginary borders, which makes it easy to automate these tasks.

Examples of jobs in the creative segment of the near future include fashion 3D fashion designers of virtual reality experience, designers, agencies and architects augmented reality. These jobs will depend on the emergence of new creative tools, such as three-dimensional printing and virtual reality, and other digital devices.

What is remarkable in these roles is the fact that they are inherently multidisciplinary. For example, the designer of the virtual reality experience will have to combine the experience in the field of art and technology to create exciting worlds.

Neuroscience of human improvement and bioengineering

With the development of genetic engineering and neuroengineering improvements and the growing demand for specialists in this field. Perhaps one day people will be able to upload their consciousness into machines, to merge thoughts with others, to record his memories and even see what other people think, feel, and intend to do.

Many innovators and scientists are working to turn it all into reality.

Early last year, Elon Musk introduced Neuralink company, the purpose of which is to unite human consciousness with artificial intelligence, "neural lace". We have already managed to connect two brains via the Internet, allowing one brain to communicate with the other. Many research teams were able to develop mechanisms for "mind reading" or reproduction of the memories of individuals using the devices. Even in simple scenarios. We also saw many breakthroughs in the field of gene therapy and genetic engineering. The list is long.

Examples of jobs in this field include the "burglar" of the brain, the technique of neuroimplants, narodopisne and engineers neurorobotic.

Ethicists, philosophers and policy from technology

Technology is an extremely powerful tool that gives rise to many new social, ethical and moral problems. Constantly. Technologies themselves are not evil or the good; the evil or the good makes it society.

As soon as there are more exciting technologies such as virtual reality, brain-computer implants and the "Internet of things" — will increase the demand for professionals who can ask the right questions about these new tools and to establish appropriate ethical guidelines for a variety of complex scenarios. This can occur at the level of companies, governments, or even on a personal level, for example, in the process of providing recommendations to individuals who seek ethical advice.

What specialists will be needed in this area? For example, consultants for improved cognitive abilities, ethics, genetic modification, digital investigators, privacy advocates, the drafters of technoscan and many others. This area will be of paramount importance for our species if we want to optimise the benefits of technology and minimize their harm.

Renewable energy

The biggest problems of the modern world also creates a major opportunity for the market. As climate change becomes a growing threat to our species, we are faced with the need to make the right decisions. Many cities are integrating a variety of solutions that include environmentally friendly infrastructure, clean transport and renewable energy.

As a result, increasing demand for renewable energy and clean solutions has created many jobs and create even more. For example, solar and wind industries were the main engines of job creation in the sector of renewable energy in the US, which in 2016 was involved 777 000 people. Many countries are planning to opt out are inexhaustible sources of fuel in the coming decades.

And then we will need smart city planners, architects, clean energy networks, designers of buildings with zero waste, advisers on energy and many others.

The future of transportation

Many fear that the development of Autonomous vehicle will leave millions of people without work, and indeed it is. But while innovation in the transportation sector will eliminate the need for jobs, the emergence of self-driving cars, electric cars, drones and Hyperloop will inevitably entail the need in specialists of a new type.

For example, will need workers with the skills to work with advanced components, operators of new types of transport, Analytics of traffic engineers and self-managed operating systems.

If you look even further into the future, you can see the appearance of interplanetary space pilots. More recently, passenger spaceship Virgin Galactic VSS Unity made his seventh flight. SpaceX also announced Interplanetary Transport System. Humanity will inevitably have to become an interplanetary species — and can be, and intergalactic, and it will mean many new jobs and opportunities, which we could not dream.

Meaningful work

The examples described above are among many new jobs and industries. Now we need to prepare young minds for life in the 21st century, in a constantly changing workforce.

One of the most powerful effects of the current trends is that "work" will become more meaningful when we have to perform more tasks that require creative skills, intellectual approaches and interactions with people, and this, in theory, can make us happier.

A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute it was found that the most difficult tasks to automate in the shortest time, are those that require sharp decision-making skills, planning, interaction with people or creative work. It is no wonder that people still bypass machine, when it comes to innovation and expansion of intellectual and creative boundaries.

Our ultimate goal should be the creation of a society in which work is motivated by the passion, creativity and desire to contribute to the future of our species. The work should develop the human and represent progress. And whether this progress is technological, intellectual, or creative.

Ilya Hel

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