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The most dangerous pseudoscientists countries: integramouse, pseudo-historians and other bigots
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 14-10-2019

If you think that Instagram sitting exclusively ladies with plump lips and other prominent parts of the body, I hasten to disappoint you. Today instagram is one of the most successful platforms for business development. And all. And if you can make money online by posting photos, why not to cash in on gullible Russians? So, probably, and decided to make known to the whole country ladies and gentlemen who call themselves doctors but have no medical education. And beyond the colorful imagery from pseudo-doctors, you can stumble upon pseudo-scientistswho falsifiziert history. The horror of it, but forewarned is forearmed.

It is difficult to say at what point the number of a variety of charlatans in Russia exceeded all conceivable scales, but the fact remains — today our country is experiencing a real boom in pseudoscience. And I'm not exaggerating. That there is only one dog-a hypnotist, a supernatural ability which in all seriousness was recently demonstrated to viewers of the first channel. Such flagships of Russian channels like TNT, with their endless stream of psychics of all kinds, to, pardon the reference, REN-TV even and say no.

Spitz-hypnotist lulled all participants of the TV show only one eye

And nothing, as they say — laughed and forgot, if not for one thing — the threat of pseudoscience. Psychics that treat cancer by the laying on of hands, of dubious origin experts stating that HIV does not exist, the shamans, for the money exorcising spirits and other charlatans of his lies endanger the lives of those who believed them. And to believe, as if it was unpleasant to realize, almost everyone — we already told you about the many cognitive distortions — errors of thinking, peculiar to man. But how to respond to this dominance of obscurantism?

How did sad reptilians?

Lead this unequal struggle scientists, science communicators and journalists. Among them bioinformatik Michael Gelfand, an anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevskiy, biologist Alexander Panchin, physician-toxicologist Alexey Vodovozov, popularizer of science Alexander Sokolov, blogger Michael lidin, and many others. In addition to numerous educational projects that have emerged in our country, one of the most important steps against pseudoscience in Russia was the award of"Honorary Academician LIED" (Bronicheski Academy of Pseudoscience), which is awarded in 2016. The winners of the award by audience vote be the figures who made the greatest contribution to the advancement of pseudoscience in Russia. The award was created with the support of the Evolution of Fund of Dmitry Zimin and educational portal, whose editor is Aleksandr Sokolov.

No reptiles anywhere!

For three years the proud recipients of the statues sad reptilians were: homeopath Oleg Epstein (2018), Deputy Director General of REN TV Igor Prokopenko (2017) and the main activist of the Russian anti-GMO movement Irina Ermakova (2016). This year the sad reptilians will be presented October 19. But the three finalists are known already today, so let's get to know these outstanding people.

Instagram-the doctor will heal you to death

Meet the doctor-therapist, part-time endocrinologist, dietitian, cardiologist and nutritionist Natalia Zubareva. By the way, my favorite prize LIED this year. Dr. Zubarev in instagram signed by more than two and a half million people will agree, is not a small audience. Not long ago, the Russia 24 TV channel released the film-the investigation entitled “Healing like” on instagram many doctors, including Dr. Zubareva. After the movie Natalia is currently closed your profile in instagram. However, subscribers did not become less, unfortunately.

On the photo Natalia Zubareva

But what is so wrong with the doctor Zubarev, that claim to win the prize LIED-2019? Founder of the Academy @zubareva_online tirelessly wrote books that sold in huge numbers and tells his followers that the bowels, supposedly, full of holes, toothpaste and deodorants are toxic and thyroid disease occur due to problems with the chakra. To get rid of all ailments will help effective according to Zubareva nutritional supplements that you can buy on iHerb by using promo code Natalia. By the way, diet Dr. Zubarev is after hair analysis. Yeah, in all seriousness, and with an innocent face.

I should note that Natalia Zubareva is the only popular instagram-a physician with medical education. At the same time, what the doctor did in the years of study remains a mystery. Apparently, instead of anatomy Natalia studied the esoteric and the location of the chakras in the human body.

A blogger with no medical training that treats cancer

A finalist LIED to 2019 also deservedly getting instagram is the healer under the name Katya thi. The number of subscribers Filatova Ekaterina (real name of the blogger) is more than 400 thousand people. It is certainly not two and a half million, but too much. This instigator lives in London and urges Russians to refuse vaccinations and to rely solely on alternative medicine.

Blogger Ekaterina Filatova

But the really frightening thing is the fact that Catherine cancels the appointment of the doctors, encourages infectious patients to stop taking antibiotics, and cancer patients from chemotherapy. Instead of these drugs, the blogger prescribes homeopathy, supplements, iHerb, vitamin C and coffee enemas. Unlike zubarevo Dr. Katherine his page in instagram never closed, so you personally can find it really a deadly treatment. By the way, majoring in Catherine no doctor, and the designer. In General, a terrible person.

Who said that to blame “Anglo-Saxons”?

Not taught history in school and University? Don't worry, because all of the main will tell you of the infamous Nikolai Starikov. Writer, social activist and writer leads his pseudo-scientific operation quite a long time for that and managed to be a finalist LIED to 2019. Nicholas, not having the appropriate education, has written 19 books on history, Economics and politics. By the way, I'm sure you've heard the expression “blame the Anglo-Saxons” (US residents and UK). Now you know whom the phrase to thank.

It looks like pseudo-historian Nikolai Starikov

Nikolai Starikov does not hide his love for numerous conspiracy theories. According to the writer, “Anglo-Saxons” unleashed all wars on a planet with only one purpose — to destroy Russia. Yes, according to Nicholas, even Hitler came to power with the permission of the secret government. Of adds fuel to the fire is the fact that Starikov channel on YouTube signed by 163 thousand people. And so the conspiracy theory born — as many as 19 books pure pseudoscience, how could it be otherwise?

To summarize, I can not mention that all of the above figures pseudoscience, as well as many which are not discussed in this article, often threaten the founders award and scholars who expose their professional activities. The only weapon against obscurantism is a scientific knowledge and education. So the more people know about the activities of the instagram-doctors, pseudo-historians and other obscurantists, the healthier our society. Agree?

Love Sokovikova


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