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The theory of ether. What unites Mendeleev, Tesla, and von Braun?
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 26-06-2018

Several years ago I came across a curious book, little known American researcher. He argues that in the age of 13 he stayed with family friends and their neighbor, astrophysicist. He worked for the U.S. government, deciphering the technology of the Nazi flying saucer, which was delivered in new Mexico since 1945.

“As a genuine theory of electricity is based on the concept of “ether”, this branch of physics kept secret “in the interests of national security,” writes author William Lyne, — “deliberately distorted And false propaganda...”.

So, let us recall what is broadcast. In ancient times philosophers thought that everywhere there is some “water” from which it is composed, and in which we live and which can not feel. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) was the first who spoke about the scientific phenomenon. Later, scientists studying light, convinced that he is a kind of wave. But a wave needs something to spread, you need a certain environment in which you can “float” micro-particles of light — photons. In the nineteenth century the scientific world with each new experience, which was evident this unknown environment, more and more confirmed in the opinion that invisible, intangible, insensible, the inconceivable, all-pervading something, superthin matter really exists. Why world powers are struggling to hide this phenomenon from humanity? To answer this question, we need to understand what is live and what knowledge of it can give to the world.

The theory of ether Mendeleev

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev went into the topic of the ether from the chemistry. In his work “Attempt of chemical understanding of the world ether” of the great Russian chemist describes the course of his thoughts on the creation of the chemical elements of the particles of the ether.

The scientist writes in his book, that “ether is the lightest — in this limit, the gas having a high degree of permeability”, “the particles have a relatively low weight and have higher than for any other gases, the speed of its translational motion”. Therefore, scientist have identified the air in individual — zero — column in his table of chemical elements (later, after the death of Dmitry Ivanovich, the table was truncated as time in this place).

So, Dmitry Ivanovich was developed in the framework of his hypothesis of two chemical elements, by which he meant the phenomenon of etheric substance. The first option — “corone” (or “Y”) — he was placed in the first row of the group is zero. The second option — “newtoni” (or “X”) — chemist brought apart and put in the zero row and the zero group.

“The PROBLEM of GRAVITY AND TASK of the WHOLE ENERGY CANNOT be represented realistically solved WITHOUT a REAL UNDERSTANDING of AETHER as the world environment, transmitting energy to distances,” concludes the great Russian scientist.

And at this point, we move on to the next great scholar of Slavic origin, who had put many years of his life to experiments with ether, to Nikola Tesla.

The theory of the aether Nikola Tesla

The theme of the broadcast was fascinated by the young Serbian test pilot in his youth. Driven by a dream to provide humanity with free and infinite energy, to stop world and local wars for resources, to give people to hand the keys to the earthly Paradise, Tesla worked on wireless transmission of electricity over long distances. This is in addition to the huge number of developments in other areas. When you start to study a range of his works, just can't believe that all these developments were created by one person, and even in the late XIX — early XX centuries. of the Invention just flowed a continuous stream of his mysterious consciousness (and subconsciousness). As these developments came to his mind.

Back to the ether. Mark TWAIN called Nikola Tesla “master of lightning”, namely those who have harnessed electricity and started doing with this element of unimaginable, even for our contemporary magic tricks. These amazing things were possible thanks to the knowledge of the theory of the ether. It is the ether was the password under which the great scientist came to a console program called “world electricity” and learned to actually get energy out of the air. His colleagues neither that time nor now could not and can not repeat many experiments of Tesla. And all because they have not used and do not use special password. To counter this access code began in the early twentieth century and was at various levels. Tesla was one of the first scientists who tested this powerful scientific, financial, information counter on itself.


Let's call at least several areas of development great “electrician” of all times and peoples. Ideas that could and would be able to change, flip the way of life of mankind:

  • wireless transmission of large amounts of energy over long distances;
  • seismic weapon which will make impossible any war;
  • treatment by electricity;
  • super fast flying machines;
  • the aircraft vertical takeoff and landing;
  • wireless torpedo;
  • managing lightning;
  • electric cars;
  • electro-propulsion system (turbine) technology is “the invisible rope”;
  • electric oscillator with a capacity of 10 million horsepower;
  • animal training by electricity.

This is only a small part. Read more about the personality, life and inventions of Nikola Tesla can be found in the following articles.

Tesla assumed that the ether is a super-light gas, consisting of micro particles that move at breakneck speed in the ubiquitous corpuscular radiation “major sun”. These rays penetrate into the particles of the ether and interact with electronic strength and mass. Tesla has led the development of impact on the air, experimenting with the electromagnetic field and electricity.

In 1901 Tesla began to Finance bankers James S. warden and J. p. Morgan (from the Morgan clan, which, along with other American names formed the backbone of the world government or “Committee of three Hundred” — more about this can be read in the book “Committee of 300” by John Coleman). The project received the name “Wardenclyffe”. Selected by rich money “Lord of lightning” was to develop technology for wireless transmission of Telegraph messages across the Atlantic ocean (it would give Morgan an advantage for more rapid receipt of financial information from the Old world). Tesla designed the high design, which was to function as a wireless telecommunications tower. In General, the magnates had their own idea of what will Tesla do with their money.

But the scientist did not stop at the project that was beneficial to the bankers, and allowed all possibilities to work on wireless transmission of electricity over large distances to make electricity available to every inhabitant of the Earth. With the help of his wonder-Tesla tower could thus neelektrolitov spaces for a few tens of kilometers around, the night air in several U.S. cities lit up like day, and the citizens could even read Newspapers on the street. Also, the witnesses were told that all around and people including, covered with glowing halos. When Morgan demanded that Nikola Tesla's results and realized that his money is not left there, the funding of all research of the Serbian scientist was frozen. A colleague of the banker refused to Tesla any shared projects.

Thus, the world government saw through the plans of the “inspired prophet of electricity” (in the words of Rutherford) and did everything to Nikola Tesla could not continue its testing in the field of essential technologies.

In 1914, the scientist was unable to interest the us government submarine and Electrotechnology. In and unpublished scientific article Tesla wrote:

“We need to support the development of FLYING MACHINES AND INSTANT WIRELESS TRANSMISSION of ENERGY all the power and resources of the nation.”

Here is a clear technological connection between these two developments — the flying cars (no airplanes) and wireless transmission of energy. The Morgans and Rockefellers, has announced piles of patents outside of lending, and the great scientist was not received well-deserved income from their unique inventions. It is important to note that at the time, in fact, no one could even take out a Bank loan to give scientist the money to implement its projects. Later, the researcher was not able to attract investors for its technologies for wireless transmission of energy.


Tesla for several years worked on another “essential” invention, which few people know — the development of flying machines (not the plane, not airplane!), which could be driven by the impact on the surrounding etheric space electric charges under high voltage. The speed of such vehicles capable of reaching 36,000 miles per hour! Tesla even planned interplanetary flights using a “flying machine”, he thought they were the most convenient and cost-effective thanks to the use of long electric “rope” stretched from the Earth; that is, this technology implied a waiver of any other fuels.

American investors, despite the great prospects of such projects, has agreed to allocate them a dime. But in Nazi Germany became interested. In particular, Wernher von Braun, the famous German first, and then (from 1955) is an American designer of space rocket technology (and then “founder” of the American space program), acquired and began to develop the project “L2” in Los Alamos (new Mexico) electric opening of the Tesla that “all bodies are filled with the “electrical content” and resonate at electromagnetic impact with the rapidly changing electrostatic forces and ether to determine their gravitational interactions and movements in space” (William Lyne, “The top-secret archives of the Tesla”, publishing house “Eksmo”, 2009). In 1937, von Braun moved the project in the Third Reich, and development in this area continued in Pitsunda, in the Baltic States and in the underground factories of Germany. Who have heard or read about flying saucers of the Nazis, probably already guessed that these innovations were based on “essential” technologies of Nikola Tesla.


A modern American researcher William Lyne in his books, for example, “Space aliens from the Pentagon”, describes in some detail these technologies. He is convinced that UFOs — the handiwork of us intelligence or, according to conspiracy theorists — world government. The ability a certain way to influence the air can lead to the movement of flying machine on which he began to work of Nikola Tesla. Thanks to the knowledge and understanding of natural phenomena such as ether and fundamental cosmic rays, these amazing machines can take off and land vertically, to instantly accelerate and dramatically change the speed, and hover in the air. The pilot body is not experiencing those loads that are possible in vehicles of other types. These are the unique characteristics long ago wrote the great Tesla. Read more about the invention of flying cars of Tesla can be found in the article “the Flying saucer of Nikola Tesla and the theory of the ether”.

As for the further fate of the “flying saucers” of the Nazis, during and after the war, the Americans, has given its defense industry and later the space program — highly qualified personnel from the Third Reich (operation Paperclip). No wonder then that in the USA, the cases when people have seen those flying machines, and in American society was marked by a boom in UFO stories.

William Lyne in one of his books writes that in 1953 his eyes pretty close saw in the sky a “flying saucer”. The fact that the bottom of this shredding machine was surrounded by a rich electrical discharge (called “discharge Tesla”), testified about the use of such “plate” “essential” technology. Line sure the car was indicatives gyroscopic stabilizers, which previously wrote to the Serbian genius. After Tesla's death all his papers, drawings with inventions and developments disappeared from the hotel room where the scientist lived. I think it's clear who “confiscated”.

On guard a new feudal order

Summarizing the whole story with the use of ether by Nikola Tesla and other stakeholders, we note the following. When the great Serbian genius had created and sold the patents for the development of energy this specific environment, it could hardly realize that their attempts to cooperate with the Morgans and other Western bankers automatically puts an end to their “creations”. Because Tesla actually came into direct contact with those who always and everywhere sought to deal with technology that has made the lives of ordinary people better, would cease to war and disasters.

Tesla's invention can turn the person the Almighty God, which can subdue any element. Imagine a future where there is no hunger, deficit, economic problems, defaults, wars, conflicts... It is a totally different society, a completely different civilization! However, it is a nightmare of the global elite, and she was prepared to use all means that he never came to pass.

World government or the conglomerate, which usually it is hidden and hides from humanity many different inventions. Irrepressible scientist usually everywhere “put a spoke in the wheel”, and if he does not calm down, his “clean” — the “heart” and all that... But with Tesla, the world elite did not do, anyway, is not received immediately. She waited too long and did not touch it. This suggests that the global establishment is deliberately allowed him to generate new ideas — they are the “Committee of 300” and can come in handy. But, at the same time, the rulers of the world did not give Tesla to sell their inventions in the right direction.

As for the theory of the ether, then there is a shadow government start the real operation to rescue his feudal world order. And this special operation called “Theory of relativity”. Chose among its Jews more or less imposing, and his wife is the female genius of physics. How to kill with one shot several birds with one stone, we learn from the history of propaganda of this controversial theory.

Anastasia Costas


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