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The consciousness has no place in the body, and the relationship of brain and mind - the mystery of the primeval
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 18-03-2017

Academician, head of the neurosurgical Department of the RSPC of neurology and neurosurgery, neurosurgeon Arnold smeyanovich F. over the 47 years of practice have conducted brain surgery almost 9000 patients. People recorded in the potential with disabilities become employable. More than 5 years he had no operating mortality. 250 the most complex surgeries every year, Dr. Smeyanovich performs personally. Sensitive to others ' pain people, ready around the clock to save others.

— Arnold F., almost every day You stare at the brain and say that for a scientist he is 99.9% is a mystery.

— Yes, I see the substance, the cells of which are filled with so much knowledge that I want, like Newton, to tip my hat to each researcher his. It is not clear how it works. Any signal from the nerve, ear or eye it creates a "picture". But as a result, the person understands that it is a monkey, it's a lamp, and it — he? It is clear that the brain is more powerful than any supercomputer.

CPU clock speed is measured in gigahertz or terahertz; and a man only a kilohertz. The signal goes from neuron to neuron is not the speed of light, and 1 400 metres per second. However, the brain "turns" much faster.

The most amazing thing is that consciousness has no place in the body, and the relationship of the brain and thoughts — even the mystery of the primeval. He owns it, probably the Creator.

Academician of RAS and RAMS Natalya spondylitis admitted that when she and her staff tried to understand the deep structures of the brain (the USSR's first scientist applied the method of long-term implantation of electrodes), then immediately got sick. Felt so bad that any study of the forces was not. But it was enough to stop the experiments immediately returned fit and health. Winner of two State prizes of the USSR, the surgeon Voyno-Yasenetsky, who is also the Archbishop of the Onions, compared the brain with the telephone exchange: the role is reduced to the results of the message. He adds nothing to what it receives.

Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine, John Eccles (opened by ionic mechanisms of excitation and inhibition in the peripheral and Central nervous cells) believed that the brain "produces" ideas, but only perceives them from the outside. Natalia Bekhterev was not afraid scathing, scathing criticism from fellow atheists and said that the human brain is able to create only the simplest thoughts.

Where theory, hypothesis, open — so far unknown to the physiologists. I also think that the brain — creature in creature, a mystery.

To study the brain of Lenin created a special laboratory, which soon extended to the Institute. You were at the Department of Sergei Mardashova, where he kept the brain of the leader of the world proletariat?

— No, not ever. But judging by the description of the operation made to Lenin Commissar of health Nikolai Semashko after being shot Fanny Kaplan, and autopsy (secret archive document, which was awarded to Monika Spivak, who published a book "the Posthumous diagnosis of genius"), the problems have been Lenin. Arteriosclerosis: vascular pounded forceps, as the bones — they are so soaked in lime.

The entire left hemisphere in the cysts, the softened areas of the brain, clogged blood vessels almost brought blood - disease severely struck the body, carrying out the hard work. The contents of the skull were small — 1 to 340 g (for comparison, the brain of Byron weighed in at 1 800g, Turgenev — 2 012г, and the largest owned... idiot). But vesselago of the substance and breadth of mind, the genius of poorly connected.

Anatole France had the smallest in terms of the brain, Louis Pasteur, founder of Microbiology and immunology, was generally one hemisphere. And lived long and worked so as God forbid anyone.

— The patient is prepared for surgery assistants: intoniruet reveal the skull. You know all about the patient, for You it is an inviolable rule. But suppose for a moment that on the table - unconscious, he was brought from the street with severe traumatic brain injury. Seeing his brain, you might say, before You smart or stupid?

— It is possible. Someone brain more, someone less. Intelligence the appearance of the brain is not affected. Sometime if I am not mistaken, 40 years ago, I helped my Teacher, Professor Ephraim Zlotnik to operate the student. She had a large tumor on the brain.

When it was removed, it turned out that the hemisphere is almost gone, the tumor is destroyed. The girl recovered, graduated with honors from the Conservatory, he went to the USA, fell in love with her millionaire, whom she married. She now plays wonderfully, I know about this because I get her greetings and congratulations.

We remove the tumor on the frontal lobe of the brain that is largely responsible for the intelligence. When the tumor tightly "welded" with gray matter, it is necessary to remove part of a healthy.

The next day, talking with the patient and not notice that it was difficult to gather my thoughts. He was joking, all of my life remember.

Probably the brain given to us by a large margin, so we used it until the end of days?

— The fact of the matter is that for many it is much more "rust" than wear out. Forty per cent just resting. People live fabulous Emelya on the stove, waiting for that all by itself will not train the memory, develop intelligence. And then are surprised that elementary can't remember.

The brain needs training, knowledge, reading, contemplation of beauty, rebuilding in his mind the higher understanding of the meaning of life.

— Before you begin the study of the brain in the laboratory, academician Natalya spondylitis took the blessing of Metropolitan Sankt-Petersburg and Ladoga Ioann (Snychev). It is no secret that calls on the help of God. And You believe in him?

— When I see the beautifully arranged heart and brain, which have no analogues in nature, I have no doubt that without the divine hand are not done. The great Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov wrote that "the brain of the individual is the organ of thought world thought. We must admit the existence but cerebral thought, and another, higher, world."

To understand this easily, if not try to explain. For me personally, God is the ideal that man should embody in their everyday life.

— Maybe the neurosurgeon to ask questions in neurophysiology and incorrect — science of white spots. And yet: I want to know why a bundle of nerve fibers that transmit signals from the right to the left hemisphere, women have a wider than men?

— Unfortunately, it is not clear what does "beam" feature. In the "Proverbs of the Russian people" V. dal every line about women breathes malice: "Hair long, mind short", "Baba raves, but hell she believes." However, through the various departments of the female brain per unit time flows 15% more blood. Perhaps this explains the lower strength of the male brain as a biological organism, and hence the high frequency of the strokes.

Sex differences in gray matter is not affected. However, psychologists have proven that women can easily cope with tasks where you need intuition.

Women's shrewdness sometimes mean more than men's confidence. Coordination of thin movements of the fairer sex is more perfect, as the available range of smells, sounds, high frequency, women are better differencebut taste.

I think the female brain does not need the protection of the law. Nature made it so that both genders are equally available to all human activities, just the top of the success they achieve is not always the same ways.

— What do you think, where is the place of the soul in the brain, spinal cord, heart?

— It seems to me that this substance does not need the space. If it is, then throughout the body — the owner.

— What do you think, when operating? After all, sometimes the intervention lasts for 7 hours...

— Only about how to help the patient. Do not take it for high words, but all sorts of thoughts if someone cuts off. They are not, as the swallowing reflex. You do not want to drink, or eat, or get up to stretch your shoulders. Sit on a chair, staring into a microscope on someone else's brain (in the Hoop on the head of a small navigation system), he is under a scalpel in my hand. If she falters, the patient can stay with the injured for life.

Half a day to spend behind the microscope is not easy. But the result is: people recorded in the potential with disabilities become employable, more than 5 years no operating mortality.

— Life filters the environment around You. Who now more — friends or enemies?

— I think, and the other equally. Second — envious. People tend to look angry eyes on those who want speed and novelty. New is always suspicious, thinking the standard slips proof of the impossibility. And the talent neglects the error detector...

Protesting the nature of the enemies should be considered as a signal. Sensitive soul has to grasp in order to respond correctly. Intrigue, slander, envy merely serve to emphasize the greatness of the present case. I advise everyone not to be distracted by bickering and empty talk, and to live that brings joy. For me personally, is work.

— What do you feel when you are unable to save a patient?

— Always thought the same: even though you're an academic and have achieved nothing. Suture the wound with a bitter feeling: to remove the tumor failed, she has managed to destroy everything. The eye roll in the direction on the bypass. Can not lie, silent. Realize that death is coming. And it is impossible to adjust.

— Tell the patient that he had a malignant tumor?

— Very rarely. And only the brave, calm man, so he had to finish some important business. And in fact, says he does not want to have surgery, they say, will resolve itself. "You have a tumor that is growing fast, after some time you will be paralyzed", — I say firmly. The man agrees to delete it. But what a tumor does not comment.

The brain has its own block of self-preservation and protection, like a fuse. The brain protects itself to a flurry of negative emotions is not captured entirely.

— Alexander the great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander Suvorov remembered all his warriors to 30 thousand people. Socrates knew in the face of each of the 20 thousand inhabitants of Athens. But Charlie Chaplin could not name even the names of the Secretary worked with for 7 years. How to strengthen our memory, that the food prefer?

— When you notice a problem, the best way not to forget anything to write down "reminder" on paper and display them at eye level. To come up with puzzles, talking to myself, not ashamed of it. Quietly say, "I leave the car at the end of the Parking lot under the high poplar". Mentally give myself orders: "call so-and-so".

If you want to remember the person's name, then swipe the Association with in any way. Example: Mary is waving his arms, Katerina rides on the boat, Bob is hanging on the bar.

Read more. There are atherosclerotic recipes long used by the people: the bark of mountain ash, clover, beet juice mixed with carrot, horseradish, garlic, onions. Eating: bread with bran (b vitamins — "the first violin" in the process of remembering), cheese, peas, buckwheat, nuts, seafood, vegetables, fruits, honey. It is noticed that all are good for the brain, like the heart.

— Your attitude to alcohol?

— The philosopher Vasily Rozanov once read: "Cursed vodka. Came a hundred reptiles and shat in my brain". Figuratively. If I had my way, would have turned those words into a poster and hung in places where the youth hangs out.

The happiest moments in life?

When I see and hear people happy. Between them are always close and rare sympathy, it seems, they live in perfect harmony and the mind alone. Among these even the hard-hearted thaw...


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