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Earth: the next 5 billion years...
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 09-09-2018

First Albion will turn into snow. Then expand the Sugar will explode, the volcano will disappear the Mediterranean sea and left scorched earth. We decided on a thankless job to predict the future.

Any projections estimated in the same way as middle-age. And the farther they are from the present, the more inaccuracies. But still the predictions of does even such serious people, like scientists. And that's what they say.

Warmer, even warmer

Using 100-1000 years

The average temperature increase on the planet, flooding coastal cities, the weakening of the Gulf stream, expansion of the territory of the Sahara desert, the extinction of some animals

Not many scientists in the coming decades predict our planet cold. The majority believe that global warming will continue. According to conservative estimates, a hundred years this will lead to an increase in global sea level a meter and a half. But after a thousand years the water will leave entire cities: new York, Washington and Miami, as these had already disappeared. Disappear can even countries such as the Netherlands, the Maldives and Bangladesh. Read more "My planet," he wrote in the article "the New Atlantis".

Coastal residents will have a hard time, but this is only the beginning. "Berries" can expect all the inhabitants of Europe, which now are warmed by the Gulf stream current, which "works" on the temperature difference between the equator and high latitudes. If, due to global warming, but this difference is reduced, the "warmer Europe", according to some climate models, within a century can turn into ice at least heat will be less, if not stop. This is particularly a threat for a Northern country like the UK, on the main part where all the alignment should be no warmer than in Siberia.

Africa, already moving to Europe, permanently close the other of the Mediterranean sea, forming at this place a mountain of such height that the modern Alps will seem a mere yard fence

Increasing the temperature of the Sahara desert today further expands to the North, turning the once fertile lands of Morocco in the dust. Not surprisingly, all this has an impact on animals. Due to the rapid melting of ice reduces the polar bear population, polar Fox and Emperor penguins. But the trouble will find not only a Northern fauna, but also in the South — for example, koalas, pandas, gorillas and beautiful pink flamingos, which sooner or later will complete extinction. Read more about the forecast for a hundred years, read our article.

Planetary fever

Through 50 000 — 100 000 years

Change the outlines of the continents, volcanoes

Global warming does not mean that we said goodbye to the ice ages. Cycles of cooling and warming on Earth occur at intervals from 100 000 to 20 000 years is due to a change of the parameters of motion of the planet around the Sun, tilt of earth's axis and other complex reasons. What awaits us in the next 50,000 years?

Alaska connect to Russia the ice-covered isthmus, and from the British Isles to the mainland as thousands of years ago, again you can go by land

First of all fluctuations of the world ocean. Periodic changes in temperature will lead to the fact that he will then fall, then rise, so the continents will shrink, then grow again. In the next 20 000 years, for example, the sea level will fall and the East coast of the US will further expand to the East instead of the big bays from Boston to Miami will only dry plateau. Alaska connect to Russia the ice-covered isthmus, and from the British Isles to the mainland as thousands of years ago, again you can go by land.

If you look at the future out — for 100,000 years — we can see even more of the changed outlines of the continents. But it's not terrible. Much more serious threat of major volcanic eruptions. According to some theories, they occur with a frequency of approximately every 30 million years. But one of these giant eruptions of the Taupo volcano in New Zealand, which was thrown 830 km3 of lava and ash occurred 26 500 years ago. The volcano of Toba on Sumatra exploded and before that — 74 000 years ago, sragow 2800 km3 of lava. Far from us? Very. But this eruption at the moment, associated with the peak of one of the glacial periods and thus "bottle-neck" (reduce the population to a critical size close to the extinction of species), through which our ancestors passed. The thickness of the ash from the volcano Toba in Malaysia totalled 9 m, and in distant India — 6 m! On cities that may become the new Pompeii — a review of "My Planet". This project contains the most beautiful and the most fascinating eruption of modern volcanoes.

Wind and space aliens

Through 1-50 million years

The change in shape of the continents, asteroid impact

Sharpening stones not only water but also wind. Oddly enough, but in a million years he will be the reason that the world map will be slightly different from today (this will be exacerbated by the aforementioned fluctuations of the ocean and the shift of the continents, which by that time will shift to 45-60 km from the present location). Especially it touches the ocean shores.

For example, some volcanic Islands or County of Calvert, in southern Maryland (USA) — rocky coast completely "wear off" after 50 000 years. Other countries, on the contrary, to acquire new territories. Among the lucky ones — Hawaii, in the area where there is a young active volcano that has risen to 3,000 m, though still hidden under water. (About how the brave souls in Hawaii go with the lava — in our material.) And in a million years there will be a full island. He even gave the name — String (name of the volcano).

Humanity in its history (extremely short in geological terms) until faced with space aliens. But she will face

After a certain period of time erupt not only megacolony — scientists have calculated that every few tens of millions of years the Earth has bombed the large asteroids like the one that finally crippled the life of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Humanity in its history (extremely short in geological terms) until faced with space aliens. But she will face. When — is unknown. In 2029, the famous asteroid Apophis 325-340 m in diameter enter deeply into the orbit of the moon, and following his return to Earth will be even closer. And then another and another. Scientists predict that in the next 50 million years in our planet must crash that is such an alien. What will happen with humanity — it is better not to know.

What does the letter L

After 250 million years

New supercontinent

In the past the continents not once was broken and connected again, forming a single supercontinent (about the Earth's past continents and read here — review of "the case of the continents"). Today, these once-broken parts "saucers" again are committed to each other. Slowly but surely — 2-5 cm a year. So in 20 million years the world map will have to be redrawn — the Atlantic ocean will be wider by hundreds of kilometers, and Quiet, on the contrary, narrowed by about the same distance. Australia will go to the North — to South Asia. A few tens of millions of years Africa, is already moving to Europe, permanently close the other of the Mediterranean sea, forming at this place a mountain of such height that the modern Alps will seem a mere garden fence. A new ridge will stretch from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean. Atlantika itself, by the way, after 100 million years there will be more of the Pacific ocean. The formation of the supercontinent will go in full swing, and here is how it will look, scientists do not yet know.

There are two main versions. The first is that the Atlantic ocean will continue to expand, with the result that both America face the Asia, Australia and Antarctica. Then North America will close by itself and the Pacific ocean collide with Japan and South bent hook is connected with Antarctica. The continent, which stretches from East to West along the equator, called Nowapara.

The second version: the Americas encounter Europe and Africa and Australia and Antarctica — from South-East Asia. Get supermetric in the form of falling backwards letter L, — Amasya.

Heat stroke

1-5 billion years

The increase in luminosity of the Sun, the evaporation of the oceans, the desert, the death of the Earth

The sun is warming up. It is a fact. 4.5 billion years ago, when our planet appeared, its luminosity was 70% of today's. 2.4 billion years later — 85% after 1 billion years our star will become even brighter.

The oceans will begin to evaporate. Glaciers disappear completely, the poles will become tropical. Life while still healthy. But ruthless Yarilo still will not recede — as it is warming up into space to evaporate the hydrogen, drying the Ground and turning it into a desert.

And then depleted of hydrogen and the Sun, and this means that in 5 billion years it will start to die. And do it beautifully — will expand, swallowing first mercury, then Venus, and then reaches the Earth. Scientists disagree about whether it will absorb it completely, or come anywhere near close to orbit. But even in the most optimistic scenario, the light will burn our once blue planet to a crisp, turning into a firebrand, which never bloom not only Apple, but even mold in the jar. But deep in the bowels of the microorganisms can persist for a billion years.

Olga Fadeeva


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