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Fear of aliens in the public consciousness gave way to the fear of artificial intelligence

American experts on unidentified flying objects proposed to build a reception center for visitors from outer space. To the right is a Hungarian-born Colman von Keviczky, a former UN official, left, Karl Viet, President of the German branch of the community of UFO research; photos of the international conference on UFOs, October 31, 1967 in Mainz, Germany. In the foreground is a table lamp in the form of a flying saucer.


The near future through the eyes of artists-futurists

The Internet has long been there are different kind of figure, which shows our time as it represents the people 100 years ago. The drawings are quite interesting, they are clearly created by people (or person) with imagination. Our time is very different from how it imagined ancestors, but there are ideas that become reality.


Jobs for the future: how interesting will be the jobs?

Who has not read in the headlines: the robots are coming and will take away our jobs? In fact, up to 45% of work tasks currently being performed by workers of various kinds, can be automated using existing technologies. And what will appear in the future? Nevertheless, there is in this story one thing that is often overlooked: at the same time, new technologies destroy jobs, they create many new ones. In fact, more than half of the jobs that are currently ahead of time preparing students in the future will cease to exist. Innovations continue to bring incredible new industry in which the fountain begins to beat new jobs.


Graphene could solve five major problems of the world

In September 2015 world leaders gathered at the historic UN summit to adopt the goal of sustainable development (SDG). Seventeen of these ambitious goals and indicators will help guide and coordinate government and international organizations to solve global problems. For example, SDG 3 provides for "ensuring a healthy lifestyle and affordable well-being for all at all ages". Others include access to clean water, mitigation of climate change and health care.


"Supercomputer" digest: four news from the world of high performance computing

Today we decided to prepare a summary of the latest news about supercomputers. Under the cut we will tell about the most powerful industrial supercomputer and the most powerful supercomputer in Germany, and also about how scientists from Los Alamos national laboratory have saved $ 2 million when building HPC systems.


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