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Graphene could solve five major problems of the world

In September 2015 world leaders gathered at the historic UN summit to adopt the goal of sustainable development (SDG). Seventeen of these ambitious goals and indicators will help guide and coordinate government and international organizations to solve global problems. For example, SDG 3 provides for "ensuring a healthy lifestyle and affordable well-being for all at all ages". Others include access to clean water, mitigation of climate change and health care.


"Supercomputer" digest: four news from the world of high performance computing

Today we decided to prepare a summary of the latest news about supercomputers. Under the cut we will tell about the most powerful industrial supercomputer and the most powerful supercomputer in Germany, and also about how scientists from Los Alamos national laboratory have saved $ 2 million when building HPC systems.


Overview of fusion startups in the world

I think will be very useful to make a survey of start-UPS working in the field of fusion energy. Why startups, not University research teams, say? A startup is a form of project organization with clearly defined practical purpose, and this form allows for maximum rigidly and accurately test a variety of ideas and practice. At that time, as the task of science in General — is the extraction of knowledge without any special sorting into “useful” and “useless” (useless once the knowledge that the current in the wire causes the magnetic field define our lives today).


It has been 10 years and nobody figured out how to use blockchain

Everyone is saying that the blockchain technology underpinning digital currencies will change EVERYTHING. But after years of effort and billions of dollars in investment, no one figured out how you can use the blockchain, except for cryptocurrency speculation and illegal financial transactions.


Tu-334: a nightmare snickering officials returned

A few years ago at the initiative of the edition of the "Academy" was established the Fund "national Tu-334". The airliner was on air routes to replace the age of the Tu-134 and Yak-42. And along with a bunch of "cars", spelled out firmly on the Russian airfields. It should be added that the "Superjet", the plane is close in dimension, in words only domestic. It is also "car" – 80% of it consists of foreign components. For a long time it seemed that the fight for the Tu-334 we lost, despite the fact that they were created the pool of real customers. Well, not the wishes of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) to make domestic civil aircraft!