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Ten non-obvious jobs that will be in demand very soon

Technophiles, cyberpsychology, blockchain-Evangelist and other unusual specialties, which in near future will definitely be a demand.


Physical year

The time has come to sum up the scientific end of 2017, along with the American physical community. This time the editors of the APS tried their best and produced a very entertaining compilation of the latest achievements of fundamental science. Today we will talk about them in detail.


Ten scientific breakthroughs of 2017

Awarded the Nobel prize for the LIGO detector 70 and other telescopes through collaboration managed for the first time to fix, as it joined together two neutron stars. According to Science, this is the most significant scientific breakthrough of 2017.


Habitable Moon and Mars: how humanity is trying to colonize space. Infographics

Mankind wants to colonize the moon and Mars since the mid-twentieth century. But after the "space race" of the 60-70-ies of the idea of colonization faded into the background. And it is only recently that humanity has returned to a previously conceived. In our infographic we have gathered the most courageous plans, projects and technology in the colonization of the moon and Mars.


Ten science stories of 2017, which will seem fantastic

And now it is time to sit down, look back, take a deep breath and look at the headlines of scientific articles that we might otherwise miss. Scientists are constantly pleasing us with new developments in various fields. Nanotechnology, gene therapy, quantum physics is the sphere, which is impossible to watch without admiration. Gradually, the headlines are becoming more and more like a fantastic. Already can't wait to see what we will introduce in 2018. And yet...