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Five trends 2018 in medicine and biotechnology

Gathered from several respected publications on biotechnology list of trends that are fresh to 2018 will (continue) to evolve. Not without the big date and blockchain (a bitcoins without cost), but to all the obvious trends I have tried to give you some interesting examples. The reason to talk about trends became Christmas campaign "Atlas". Consider it opportunity to try one of the main trends — the direction of predictive and personalized medicine. It is aimed at the prevention of diseases and prevention, which takes into account the characteristics of each patient.


It forecasts 2018: eight infrastructure trends

The end of the year — time for summing up and discussion of future trends. We examined the relevant materials Gartner, IDG and other companies to understand how actually will develop in the direction of the it infrastructure.


Entrepreneur, inventor and friend of the world, Alfred Nobel

In 1874 the Italian Sobrero, Ascanio (Ascanio Sobrero) have managed to develop an oil with highly explosive properties nitroglycerin. But with butter it was difficult to deal with, it exploded, even if it is inadvertently shaken too strongly, therefore, to transport and to use it was dangerous. Only when it was mixed with diatomaceous earth, the explosives become usable and in many ways turned the world upside down, earning the name "dynamite" from its inventor Alfred Nobel (Alfred Nobel).


What is most memorable to the passing year through the prism of the search string Google

After "Yandex" totals 2017 published by Google. The search giant has shared information about what people are most interested in this year in Russia and around the world. In addition, the Russian office of the company has decided not to confine themselves to ratings the main trends of the year, but also to record the clip, in which creation participated the well-known "Caste".


Artificial intelligence system in 2018: six predictions

At the Gartner Symposium in Cape town, Brian Burke (Brian Burke), Vice-President and head of research, saidthat the most popular trends of it artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly affect all areas of our lives.