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Dark matter — "aliens" for astrophysicists?

With all our understanding of the laws of physics and the success of the Standard model and General relativity, in the Universe there are a number of observed phenomena that can't explain. The universe is full of mysteries, ranging from star formation and finishing of high-energy cosmic rays. Although we gradually discover the space, we still don't know. For example, we know that dark matter exists but don't know what are its properties. Does this mean that we have to ascribe the manifestations of dark matter is unknown all the effects?


Architect of the future: a candid conversation with Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a unique inventor who wants to change the world, people populating the space, flip the high-speed transport, to reinvent the car again — and he hoped along the way to find love. Rolling Stone magazine has dedicated several days to communicate with the idol of millions of people, sophisticated in science and technology, and we couldn't pass up this volume consider the life of the Creator of SpaceX and Tesla. Hereinafter in the first person.


The true story of robotics starting with the same simple graphics

Earlier this year I came across a graph that reflected not only the extremely important history of robotics, but also the history of the discussion of robotics. At the same time it shows the forecast development in the coming years as the robotics and its discussion. This is a graph of the number of operated drilling rigs in the United States (green line) and the number of workers employed in the oil industry (the red line). This is an important piece of the puzzle that must be put together until it was too late.


Can machines have consciousness, according to neuroscientists? It seems that Yes

As if the Director wanted to force you to believe in it, the protagonist of the film "the car" in 2015, directed by Andrew Garland, is not Caleb is a young programmer who has been assigned to assess machine consciousness. No, main character is Ava, a striking humanoid AI, naive in appearance and mysterious inside. Like most films of its kind "of the car" leaves the viewer to answer the question whether the ABA was conscious? The film skillfully avoids the thorny question that tried to answer high-profile films on the topic of AI: what is consciousness and can it be the computer?


We are thirty years from the appearance of consciousness in machines. But the hype is premature

Today many global technology companies are involved in a unique race: strive literally to breathe life into artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning systems for many has become an integral part of the business, it is not surprising if the news about AI and neural networks caught your eye almost daily. Typically, the headlines of such news are as follows: "AI defeated the man in a video game" or "AI mimics human speech", and sometimes "the AI more effective person specifies the development of cancer." Are we really much closer to the time when the intelligence of machines can be compared with the human, or the moment when man and machine will be able to make small talk and work together as naturally as they do among the people? How far is the car from regaining consciousness?