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NASA is funding the development of 18 fantastic technology for space exploration

In the early twentieth century, it seemed that the flight of man into space is something impossible. Now the output of astronauts in outer space is something very common and not even considered for the big news. Not to stay in place, humanity is important to keep thinking outside the box, which is a NASA project called "Innovative Advanced Concepts" (NIAC). In the framework of a space Agency funded the development of 18 technologies, which at the moment seem to be fantastic. Smart suits? Is it really possible?


Eastern coup. Russia leaves Baikonur, but continues to invest money in it

In March, Roskosmos, said the lack of plans for the construction on the East launch pad under rocket "Soyuz-5" ("Irtysh"). Instead the Corporation made the appearance on far East spaceport bench for testing the first stage of a promising carrier. The need for such a setup due to the establishment of a super-heavy rocket "Yenisei". Appropriate financing is carried out within the framework of the deployment of infrastructure for family of rockets "Angara". The feasibility of such solutions to understand".ru".


Our space industry. Look at industry issues from the perspective of an ordinary developer

I was working in our aerospace industry for a long time (1983-1995, 2008-2012). When I read articles about our failures, they are often not visible to the main mechanisms of creating problems. So, I would like to start this review with the principle of "actual adverse selection." It is interesting – I ask under kat (many letters and no pictures).


Artificial intelligence in 2019: the current state of things

This translation is part of the article The Real-World AI issue.A well known fact if you repeat any word many times, then eventually it will lose all meaning, phonetic will turn into nothing. This is the reason why for many of us the term "artificial intelligence" has long ceased to mean something. AI is now virtually everywhere, from your TV to the tooth cheek, but never has that term means so little.


What will happen to NASA in 20 years? Solve all the private companies and China

20 years ago, in 1998, NASA launched the Lunar Prospector mission that found water on the moon. In the same year, 15 countries have come together to agree on a framework for the construction of the International space station and then start the first part of the laboratory into orbit. In the same year its first successful test flight carried out a new spacecraft NASA X-38. All of these events, each in its own way, helped to determine the course of space development of the United States.


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