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Everything you know about the brain, likely by mistake...

Neurolife, there are misconceptions about the capabilities of our brain, often based on misinterpreted or too old the results of scientific research. Comanda neuroscientists National center for scientific research and université d'orléans offers to dispel a few neurobehav with the game on the website "slate".


Ethics simulations: will virtual people happy?

If you ever played role-playing games, whether online or old-fashioned yard — you know how easy it is to get attached to your avatar, that is, to play the role of "Cossacks-robbers". You literally feel pain when a character has a Troll, sear a dragon or kills the shaman. The American sociologist (and avid gamer) William Sims Bainbridge made this relationship even further by creating virtual views 17 deceased family members. In an essay on the topic of online avatars 2013 it envisions a time when we will be able to upload their personality into artificial intelligent simulation of ourselves that can act independently from us and will remain even after our death.


Earth: the next 5 billion years...

First Albion will turn into snow. Then expand the Sugar will explode, the volcano will disappear the Mediterranean sea and left scorched earth. We decided on a thankless job to predict the future.


Russian flight. China stole Russian space secrets. Have nothing more to steal

In July 2018, Roscosmos again began searching for spies who allegedly put valuable secret information to foreign countries. This time it was about hypersonic developments, information about which foreign party could put the staff of TsNIIMash, the head of the Institute of state Corporation, located in Korolev, Moscow region. In reality, even if the staff of this institution and engaged in any prohibited contact with foreigners, the damage is unlikely to be stronger than the transfer to China of the technology of manned space exploration that occurred in the 1990-ies.


When we will end the storage of digital data, we'll use DNA

In the world there is a shortage of space for storage of digital data. This problem exists for a few years, however, ordinary people are unlikely to about it ever thought of. Not so long ago there was a time when the free space for recording of digital data was limited by the size of the hard drive of your computer. When the limit is reached we either went for a new hard disk, or recording onto the optical media. When they ended, we just removed the old data and recorded new. But there are those who never deletes data.


Возрастное ограничение