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Fifteen technologies from science fiction became reality

Science fiction often introduces us to a fictional future worlds that seem to be nothing more than the imagination of their creators. However, only in the last 100 years mankind has made incredible technological progress and no small role in this was played just science fiction, are nearly endless generator of new ideas. In fact, much of what was first shown or told in books and films eventually became part of our present. Of course, some things described there, are still at an early stage of real development, some of which science has just not reached, but there are many examples of already implemented ideas.


2018 in science. A year of great discoveries

China is in the spotlight after making copies of organisms and return to our natural satellite. Here is the will's most famous theoretical physicist. Research, rewriting prehistory. The article presents the ten best scientific research in recent months.


Car on hydrogen. It's time to say goodbye to the gasoline?

According to the latest report of BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018, the world's proven oil reserves amount to 1,696 billion barrels, which, while maintaining the current level of consumption is enough for about fifty years. Undiscovered oil reserves are expected to give us another half century of hydrocarbon energy, but the cost of production may be such that the oil will simply become unprofitable in comparison with other energy sources. When fields in the easy prey is depleted, the price of raw materials will automatically go up if presently the cost of production of a barrel in some of Russia is estimated at $ 2-3 (for alternative estimates, $ 18), for shale oil is already 30-50 dollars. And ahead of humanity is a real prospect to move to the extraction of offshore and Arctic oil, which price will be even higher.


Could a Large Gap to cause a new Big Bang?

There are a few issues that will not allow us to sleep at night, and they relate to the ultimate destiny of the whole cosmos. The stars light up, replace them with new, they too fade, and all is repeated until the Universe runs out of fuel. The galaxies merge and throw away matter, and the space between groups and clusters of galaxies will expand forever.


Everything you know about the brain, likely by mistake...

Neurolife, there are misconceptions about the capabilities of our brain, often based on misinterpreted or too old the results of scientific research. Comanda neuroscientists National center for scientific research and université d'orléans offers to dispel a few neurobehav with the game on the website "slate".


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