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Composed of 35 chief technology forecasts to 2018

It would be great to look into the future, even if only for a few months. With current capabilities, we can see the future only through the projections. Colleagues from Business Insider 35 technology forecasts to 2018. They will allow us to understand where technology is going, and what areas of development are the most significant and promising.


The theory of ether. What unites Mendeleev, Tesla, and von Braun?

Several years ago I came across a curious book, little known American researcher. He argues that in the age of 13 he stayed with family friends and their neighbor, astrophysicist. He worked for the U.S. government, deciphering the technology of the Nazi flying saucer, which was delivered in new Mexico since 1945.


Is there a limit to scientific knowledge?

"What we see is not nature itself, but nature presented to our method of observation", wrote German physicist Werner Heisenberg who first realized the uncertainty inherent in quantum physics. For those who see in science a direct path to the truth of the world, this quote may be unexpected or may be even disappointing. It turns out, Heisenberg believed that our scientific theories are dependent on us as observers? Does this mean that the so-called scientific truth no more than a big illusion?


"Grandma, why do you need such a big brain?" Really, why?

In most animals the size of the brain proportional to the body size — species with larger bodies have larger brains. But the human brain is six times more than it should be, based on the size of our bodies. It's weird, because the brain costs us dearly — it burns 20% of the body's energy while constituting only 4% of its mass. Because evolution tends to remove the excess, why would she leave such a large, voracious brains? There are many different assumptions, among which the main causes stimulating social interaction as the main driving force. But a new study published in the journal Nature, argues against this idea and shows that the expansion of the human brain was probably caused by the environment.


Kevin Kelly says: "Sooner or later we ourselves become gods"

Futurist, an expert on cyberculture and "the chief Wrangler" of Wired magazine told RBC as Schering displace private property, why brands will pay people attention and what people stronger artificial intelligence.


Возрастное ограничение