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Research toward "Science and Society" focused on the identification and study of the factors contributing to the improvement of quality of life. The studies cover areas such as science, education, health, environment and others. Special attention is paid to the issues of formation of the national innovation system, innovative ways to improve the development and growth of innovative potential. Examines the role and place of the innovation potential in the formation of geopolitical power center.

What quantum theory actually says about reality?

The demonstration, which turned ideas of the great Isaac Newton on the nature of light, was incredibly simple. It "can be repeated with great ease, whenever the sun is shining," said the English physicist Thomas young in November of 1803 members of the Royal society in London, describing the experiment, which is now called the double slit experiment. And young was enthusiastic youngster. He came up with an elegant and carefully thought-out experiment, demonstrating the wave nature of light, and thereby disproved Newton's theory that light consists of corpuscles, i.e. particles.

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Claude Shannon: how a genius solves problems

Claude Shannon took about ten years to fully formulate his landmark theory of information.First, in graduate school, he had the idea to bring a common base for many information technology of his time (such as telephone, radio, television).However, in 1948 he published a Mathematical Theory of Communication.

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IBM Watson has issued an "unsafe and improper" recommendations for the treatment of cancer

The company's internal documents show IBM that medical experts working with Watson, had found "numerous examples of unsafe and incorrect recommendations for treatment" using the software, according to Stat News. From the documents it became clear that the product gives "often inaccurate" speculation that causes "serious questions about the process of creating content and the technology it is based".

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The laws of the European Union can dramatically change the Internet

The Committee of European lawmakers voted in favor of the amendments to the laws on copyright. In particular, it has been approved article 13, which implies censorship in social networks. Internet users alarmed and worried about the fate of memes and privacy of user data.

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Almost human: artificial intelligence in factories and fields

The subject of artificial intelligence (AI) in business in recent years has become one of the most debated: experts say the rapid growth of technological applications, especially in Finance and services, and forecast an even more active investment in this direction. Gradually emerging projects and the use of artificial intelligence in industry.

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