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Research toward "Science and Society" focused on the identification and study of the factors contributing to the improvement of quality of life. The studies cover areas such as science, education, health, environment and others. Special attention is paid to the issues of formation of the national innovation system, innovative ways to improve the development and growth of innovative potential. Examines the role and place of the innovation potential in the formation of geopolitical power center.

G. Altshuller "to Find an idea. Introduction to TRIZ - theory of inventive problem solving"

What the book is about? About TRIZ - theory of inventive problem solving. After examining tens of thousands of patents and certificates, the author discovered the basic laws of invention and showed that the process of creating inventions manageable.

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Joseph O'connor, Ian McDermott, "the Art of system thinking. The necessary knowledge about systems and creative approach to solving problems"

"People and events do not obey the laws of logic, they are much less predictable and manageable than a mathematical equation. Not apply them for quick, methodical, logical decisions." (Joseph O'connor and Ian McDermott).

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Plotnikov N. "Information exploration"

The book outlines the basics of the system analysis of information flows of scientific and technical literature. The success of researchers is determined not only their subject knowledge but also knowledge of the laws of distribution of information flows and ability to make research classification. The book can be recommended by researchers of different fields of knowledge.

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Yushchuk Evgeny "Internet intelligence: a guide to action"

This book is the manual for exploration in the Internet. It was conceived so that the reader could put it next to the computer to do what it is described and get the result. "Top", 2007

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Ronin R. "Its intelligence"

This book reveals the methods and techniques of obtaining confidential information about people and organizations that arouse your interest. "To know the true state of Affairs is to be able to be on the safe side" — this is the main idea of the author, a professional secret war.

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