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23-04-2017    The Syrian army defeated the largest stronghold of terrorists in the North of Hama

The Syrian army with the support of allies drove the fighters from the original Halfa in the Northern province of Hama, told RIA Novosti informed source in place.

22-04-2017    Media: the Israeli air force struck at Syrian army positions in the area of Quneitra

The Israeli air force struck at Syrian army positions in the area of Quneitra in the area of Khan-Arnab. According to the Agency SANA, citing a source, the result of the attack resulted in material damage.

22-04-2017    "Why we need it": the record for the stay in orbit, Padalka left the cosmonaut corps

Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka - record for total length of spaceflight - wrote a letter of dismissal from the cosmonaut corps, told TASS head of the cosmonaut training Center Yuri Lonchakov. Padalka is the protagonist of the famous video (18+), depicting the sad dialogue flying to the ISS astronauts with...

21-04-2017    Sikorsky demonstrated the possibility of high-speed helicopter

Helicopter S-97 Raider is a promising development, created for the American army in the framework of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL). Due to the coaxial scheme of the main and the presence of the pusher propeller this machine can reach speeds of over 400 km/h and cover distances of over...

21-04-2017    The first patrol icebreaker for the Russian Navy "Ivan Papanin" laid in St. Petersburg

The first patrol icebreaker project 23550 "Ivan Papanin", which is built for the Russian Navy, was laid on the "Admiralty shipyards" in St. Petersburg, the correspondent of TASS from the event.

20-04-2017    Ukraine to launch a test train in Iran

Ukraine and Iran have agreed to launch the test train, which will be used for the transportation of agricultural products. This was stated by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian following the meeting with the Iranian delegation.

18-04-2017    Expert: current law students who are at risk to be unemployed in 10 years

According to the rector of the Higher school of economy Sergey Roschin, modern technologies allow to get legal advice without people.

18-04-2017    Media: Merkel handed over to British intelligence dossier on Putin

German security authorities about the meeting did not know and was offended by the Chancellor of Germany.

17-04-2017    Afghanistan asked Russia for help in training the army and police

Afghanistan turned to Russia with a request to provide support in logistics, maintenance and training of army and police. On Sunday, April 16, TASS said the Director of the Department of policy and strategic planning Ministry of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Haidari.

15-04-2017    Brzezinski offered to split the Crimea between Russia and Ukraine

American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the Crimea can be divided between Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and Russian, noting that the Peninsula "has never been Ukrainian."

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