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28-07-2017    Valentin Katasonov: the Russian ruble is waiting for the devaluation

Russian ruble may fall heavily in the introduction of new sanctions by Russia.

26-07-2017    The EEU proposed to discuss the project of creation of the monetary unit

Eurasian development Bank (EDB) offered within the EEU countries to create a regional monetary unit for example, the ECU operating in Europe in the years 1979-1998, before the introduction of the Euro, said the Director of the EDB Centre for integration studies Yevgeny Vinokurov.

25-07-2017    Deutsche Bank may withdraw from Britain to Frankfurt $350 billion of breccia

The largest financial conglomerate of Germany Deutsche Bank may withdraw from the accounts in the UK in the German Frankfurt am main $350 billion in connection with the release of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

25-07-2017    China will start to launch missiles from offshore platforms

The representative of Corporation of space science and technology of China news Agency Xinhua that the experts of the Corporation have started preparations for the implementation of launches of carrier rockets with water platforms.

24-07-2017    Elon Musk unveiled the plan of Mars exploration

The head of SpaceX published an article in which he presented his vision of the Mars project and demonstrate the steps you need to take humanity to colonize in the future the Red planet.

24-07-2017    Soviet plans for Mars colonization

Space exploration in the Soviet Union was a "fixed idea." Of particular interest is to Mars. Scientists believed that by the end of the XX century, we will build the scientific base. It was for a good reason: the Soviet apparatus "Mars-3" first landed on the Red planet.

23-07-2017    China sends troops to the first military base abroad

The formation of a military base in Djibouti became the first step of this kind for China: it occupies a strategic position adjacent to the other powers (USA, France, Japan...).

23-07-2017    The Chinese took patronage over the cards "the World"

The Russian plastic card "the World" has received yet another international partner. Under the agreement the Chinese company UnionPay and the National system of payment cards (nvqs), the Russian banks will issue a joint (kobegenova) debit card "the World"-UnionPay. First to the issue of new cards will begin in the...

22-07-2017    Turkey is ready to buy the s-400 for $ 2.5 billion

Ankara will buy from Moscow two batteries of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and still the same SAM will produce on its territory. The transaction value is estimated at $ 2.5 billion. These data are cited by the Agency Bloomberg with reference to unnamed source in Turkey.

22-07-2017    China has successfully tested the latest combat drone

China conducted a successful test flight of its military reconnaissance drone Caihong-5 (CH-5 or "Ceyhun-5"), which is now ready for serial production, reports channel CGTN.

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