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28-05-2017    In the United States died Zbigniew Brzezinski

In the United States at the age of 89 years died a famous American political scientist, sociologist and former adviser to US President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

25-05-2017    Found in Turkey the remains of Noah's ark

Scientists have found in Turkey on mount Ararat remains of the legendary Noah's ark.

25-05-2017    In Switzerland want to abandon nuclear energy

In Switzerland held a referendum in which citizens decided to completely abandon nuclear energy and switch to renewable sources of energy. Question, by the way, has become relevant after a terrible accident at the NPP Fukushima-1 in Japan in 2011.

24-05-2017    The Saudi king announced the opening of a global center to combat extremism

The center will be engaged in monitoring of terrorist activity in cyberspace, following their correspondence, the propaganda of extremism, recruit new activists, as well as correcting the distorted vision of Islam.

22-05-2017    The Iranian foreign Minister suggested that the US wants to extort money from Saudi Arabia

The United States signed with Saudi Arabia, a multibillion-dollar deals, including an agreement on the supply of arms and military equipment worth almost $110 billion.

21-05-2017    Scientists have urged people to prepare for the hellish heat in 2017

In 2017, our world will be a series of anomalous phenomena, which began last year, experts of the world meteorological organization. The first decade of the current year was rich with heat and cold. What to expect next?

21-05-2017    The Brazilian stock market crashed in connection with the outbreak of a political scandal

A collapse of quotations from 8.8% noted Thursday during trading on the largest in Latin America, the Brazilian stock exchange in são Paulo.

20-05-2017    Game called the religion of the future

Israeli historian Yuval Harari saidthat video games will become the religion of the future. According to him, by 2050, with the development of robots will form a new class, the "useless class", which will not just be unemployed, but due to the lack of the necessary skills will not be...

20-05-2017    Asgardia will monitor social networks

The Department believes that it will prevent crimes like the attack on the 141-St regiment of Regardie in the village of Naurskaya.

20-05-2017    In scientific research Institute of sheep and goat have created an alternative to Windows

In Stavropol scientific research Institute of sheep breeding and goat breeding has created its own operating system called Ivan OC. About it told the local resource citing Denis Belov, head of the laboratory of information technologies Institute.

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