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22-03-2017    The first Russian military icebreaker will lay 20 APR 2017

To deliver the fleet both ships are patrol ships of the ice class of the project 23550 expected until 2020.

21-03-2017    Virtual Singapore - a virtual polygon, which city planners can run new ideas

The idea of creating in the virtual space of entire cities which represent huge amounts and the flow of information is not new, it has been the basis of plots of various science fiction works and movies. But the current technology of three-dimensional modelling, virtual reality technology and the increased...

21-03-2017    Scientists have found that the activity of the brain and its "computational power" can be 100 times higher than was previously assumed

A group of scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles, spending the next study came across indications that some of the neurons in the human brain is much more active than was previously assumed. The center has conducted investigations was the dendrites, outgrowths, resembling the branches of trees...

21-03-2017    The billionaire Rockefeller died at the age of 101 years

March 20, passed away at his home Pocantico hills in new York, the American billionaire David Rockefeller. He was 101 years old.

20-03-2017    Ukraine rejected the accusations trump the duty of Berlin before the USA and NATO

On the eve of the us President said that Germany needs to Washington and the Alliance a lot of money for military defense.

17-03-2017    The EU increased imports from Russia by 59 percent

The European Union in January increased the import from Russia by 59 percent compared to the same period last year to 13.7 billion euros. On Friday, March 17, reported Eurostat.

13-03-2017    The continuation of non-profit activities in 2017

Autonomous nonprofit organization "Center for strategic assessments and forecasts", bin 1127799002077. Legal address: 129515, Moscow, ul Akademika Koroleva, house 13, bld. 1 claims a continuing non-profit activities 2017.

13-03-2017    China will increase the number of marine corps four times

China plans to increase the number of Marines and four times from the current 20 thousand to 100 thousand soldiers.

13-03-2017    Standard: Moscow invented the "Great Albania" — just to add to the problems of the EU

Nationalists in Macedonia accused the local Albanian parties in an attempt to create in the country a "Great Albania". Says Austrian edition Der Standard, fueled these sentiments and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. Moscow elementary is using the crisis in Macedonia, to create the European Union new challenges,...

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