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The Ministry of communications has excluded from the state program of technological independence of the Russian Federation

The program for 6 years, sometimes adjusted, but the achievement of technological independence was inherent in it initially. Now the technological independence of the Russian Federation cannot be the target of the state programme "in the absence of funding, necessary to achieve it". However, the Ministry was asked to increase funding for the creation and dissemination of radio and television programmes and electronic media, the participation of Russia in international information exchange, and to strengthen programmes associated with world Cup FIFA 2018 and FIFA confederations Cup 2017.

The increase of media funding, is a traditional change, exactly a year ago, at the end of 2015, the Ministry of communications asked me to transfer money from other electronic formats in favor of "broadcasting". Deletion of the target indicators of the program execution is also known, some of them, for example concerning e-government services, the Ministry of communications excluded from the program in 2014, however, as it turned out later, not completely. As the summer of 2016 the accounting chamber Board considered the expenditure of funds for "e-government" by state projects "Rostelecom", and the coordinator of works — Ministry of communications, and stated, that the targets of the previous years anyway would have to be achieved, at least because, that the allocated funds spent.


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