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Forbes: China asks Russia to save the key transport corridor
Recently The Global Times published an article which said that Beijing is committed to Moscow's participation in the project of China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), however, the Russian Embassy in Islamabad denied the report, writes Forbes columnist Panos Mourdoukoutas.
Among other things, the article Chinese edition noted: "Russia's Participation in CPAC, including the use of Gwadar port, may give impetus to Russian-Chinese cooperation and to become a demonstration project of the initiative "One belt and one road", which should strengthen future multinational cooperation".

"And it's definitely true, "—emphasizes the Forbes columnist. A strong infrastructure is a precondition for the economic integration of neighbouring countries. However, according to the author, the real reason why Beijing is trying to bring Russia to project CPAC, is the desire of the Chinese authorities to use Moscow to assuage India, which claims to control over a critical part of CPAC.
As noted in the article, the purpose of the China-Pakistan economic corridor, from the point of view of China, is to dictate the rules of the next era of globalization and help the functioning in the future export and investment mechanisms in China. In particular, CPAC for China — this is the channel that connects Western China to the Middle East and Africa. But the problem is that part of the corridor passes through Pakistani territory, for control over who continue to fight new Delhi and Islamabad. And that's why Beijing needs to come to terms with India.
However, so far China has not succeeded in this. In fact, says Mourdoukoutas, the Chinese government did just the opposite. So, they've repeatedly blocked efforts by new Delhi to join the nuclear suppliers Group. In addition, the "impasse" between India and Pakistan over Kashmir Beijing openly sided with Islamabad.
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