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Every fifth Sukhoi SuperJet does not fly

Rosaviatsia on December 22 ordered the Russian operators of the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (SSJ100) to examine the attachment portion of the tail stabilizer, as it was discovered the damage to the host (copy of the Directive is in "Vedomosti"). At first the damage was discovered on one of the four liners of airline "Iraero", later – two, told top executives of the two airlines. In the end, the Rosaviation has suspended the operation of all aircraft, which have been discovered such defects to their elimination.


Rosaviatsia and the manufacturer "Sukhoi Civil aircraft" (SCAC) has not been reported how many planes have discovered the defect. In Russia the damage identified in 14 vessels (see). It is close to reality, said the representative of the GSS. The Mexican Interjet damage showed up on half of the planes 11 of 22, gave to Reuters. Other foreign operators of the defects was not, says a representative of the GSS. Everything in the world operated 87 SSJ100. It turns out, about 30% of liners have been temporarily decommissioned. However, on January 9, Interjet announced the commissioning after repairs to six aircraft. This means that damaged 20% of the SSJ100.

The actions of the Federal air transport Agency adequate, says one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". Tailplane force the mechanism responsible for the management of the vessel, the operation of his defect is not valid, theoretically, the destruction of the stabilizer in the air would lead to the destruction of the entire vessel.

Whose planes are

Damage found in two ships Gazpromavia (10 in the Park) and one "Yamal" (3), said the managers of these companies, two – "Yakutia" (4), said a person close to the airline. The representative of the largest operator of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in the world – "Aeroflot" (30 ships) not commented on the topic. The interlocutors in the two airlines announced that "Aeroflot" made up of six ships. The only SSJ100 "Rusjet" was not injured, said the airline's CEO Alexander Kuleshov. Several aircraft have with Federal government agencies (MVD, EMERCOM, flight detachment "Russia", etc.). They were not stopped, says a person close to the KLA. The same follows from the resource data Flightradar.

In late December it turned out that the cause of the defect is not constructive and production – increased preload of the bushings in the Assembly, says the Manager of the airline with reference to the Directive of the Federal air transport Agency, dated 28 Dec. According to the schedule approved by Rosaviatsiya replacement mounts stabilizers on all aircraft will be completed by the end of January, the probability of occurrence of defect in the future no, says a representative of the GSS. Design flaw would be much more serious, says leading researcher of the Institute of transport Economics Fyodor Borisov. Because its elimination would require changes in documentation, and obtain new certificates.

"It is customary for the world aviation history – the identification of "pediatric" diseases in new aircraft during the operation," – said a top Manager of maintenance one of the Russian airlines. The fact that the defect was discovered five years after the start of operation of the aircraft, due to the small number of released ships and their relatively low average bloom, he continues. The situation is normal, but may adversely affect the construction programme SSJ100 – the whole world closely monitors his problems, especially systemic, says Borisov. But we must remember that the SSJ100 is not entirely a commercial project, the expert adds. It allows Russia to build up competence in the aircraft industry, because this is the first civilian aircraft designed and produced in Russia. Negotiations with potential operators, the story is not affected, says a representative of the GSS.


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