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The continuation of non-profit activities in 2017

General Director of ANO Grinev Sergey Nikolaevich, date of re-election: 04.03.2013 year.

Governing body: the Council of the Organization, composition: Grinev Sergey Borovskiy Yuriy Petrovich Volkov Yury Grigorevich, date of election: 23.12.2011 year.
The main activities undertaken in 2016 (regular activities, projects, cultural, educational and charity events, public events, etc.):
1. Conducting scientific research in the main areas of statutory activities;
2. Conduction of round tables, inviting foreign experts and experts from CIS countries on the competence of the ANO;
3. The awarding of the prize..E.Snesareva for young scientists and students of Russian universities.
Non-profit organization in accordance with article 32 of the Federal law "On noncommercial organizations" informs on continuation of their activities.
General Director of ANO "Center for strategic assessments and forecasts" S. N. Grinyaev
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