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The Luxembourg law on the extraction of minerals in outer space entered into force on 1 August

Earlier, he was awarded an international agreement governing the activities of States in outer space. According to one of the provisions of the Treaty, no country may claim ownership of celestial bodies and their parts, but a law passed in Luxembourg, the Treaty does not contradict, because the mining claim to the possession of a celestial body — "two big differences".

Luxembourg makes big bets on the mining of space resources, planning to become one of the key players of this industry of the future, so the law that take effect from 1 August, will be only the first milestone in the implementation of these ambitious plans. Only the government of Luxembourg plans to invest in the initiative, around 200 million euros, especially in the Duchy was already several companies planning to mine minerals in space Deep Space Industries is developing a spacecraft capable of "gutting" the asteroids, and Planetary Resources startup creates probes that will help in the search for asteroids suitable for mining.


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