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Missile changes: to the moon fly is a descendant of the "Energy" of the "Soyuz-5"
The government decided on the Prime designer of the carrier rocket middle class "Soyuz-5" which will return in 2022 in the space of the new ship "Federation". They identified Rocket-space Corporation "Energy". The new missile will replace the suddenly displaced from this role "Angara — А5П".

As previously reported, plans to boost the creation of LV "Soyuz-5", which can withdraw into a low orbit of up to 17 tons of cargo arose this year in connection with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation on the establishment in the shortest possible time the Russian super-heavy carrier rocket for the lunar program. In the end, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", the Russian space Agency came to the conclusion that the best candidate for the future "shortage" than the carrier rocket "Soyuz-5", which is based on the old flying Zenit, no. We will remind, earlier the role of the lunar "truck", though not heavy, and launching in several stages, claimed "Angara-А5В" development Center. Khrunichev. From it had to be abandoned in favor of "Soyuz-5" which can serve as the first and second stages of the future super-heavy rocket capable to bring into space from 70 tons of cargo at a time. Thus, with the light hand of the first person in the country, the pendulum of preferences of the Russian space Agency again has swung from "Angara" to use the old backlog in the super-heavy rocket "Energy", developed in the Soviet years in the RSC "Energia" ("Zenit" served in her as first stage).

As far as it is reasonable to abandon the "Angara" after 25 years of development and 160 billions into this "promising" product? In the industry say that in addition to the implementation of a more realistic design of a future super-heavy launch vehicle "Soyuz-5" will be a good replacement PH middle class, but also suitable for missile complex "Sea launch", which was originally made under his ancestor "Zenit".

For this project allocated 30 billion rubles. Flight tests of a new Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-5" is scheduled until 2022, with the ship "Federation" on Board for 2022 with a manned "Federation" - 2024-th.

In the composition of the co-authors of the works listed enterprises of Roscosmos RCC "Progress", FSUE "TsENKI" and other. It is expected that future Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-5" with carrying capacity of about 17 tons will be adapted in the future and for the launch from the cosmodrome East.

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