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China is 2.5 times surpassed the US in total power of solar energy

According to the National energy administration of China (NEA) in the first half of 2017, China put into operation a solar system with a capacity of 24.4 GWh. In July, the pace of introduction of new solar panels increased. As reported by consulting firm AECEA, last month the country launched another 10.5 GW. In the end, from January through July the total capacity of commissioned solar modules made 34,92 GW — 380 MW more than in the same period last year.

AECEA predicts that only in 2017, the total capacity of commissioned solar systems in China will amount to 40-45 GW and will increase by 16% compared to last year.

China has become an unattainable leader in the global solar race. During the year the country put into operation a power equal to the solar energy of the United States, which ranks second in the world.

Meanwhile, other energy sector this year are not in China great popularity. As reported by PV Magazine, the country put into operation a total of 1.09 GW of nuclear systems of 6.69 GWh of hydro and 7.3 GW of wind turbines and of 18.84 GWh of thermal stations.

At the same time, the total capacity of all solar installations in the country reached 112,34 GW. According to the 13th five-year plan, by 2020 this figure is supposed to reach 105 GW, but China has managed to surpass this threshold. Three years later, analysts say, the total capacity of solar energy of China will reach 200 GW.

At this rate of growth, China retains position as the undisputed leader in the global solar energy market. The country ranks first in the world in total capacity of solar plants and investment in clean energy. With 80% of all solar panels in the world are produced in China.


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