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The Ministry of defence revealed the loss of the citizens of the Soviet Union in Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis

"The exact number of losses of Soviet troops during the operation, was not formally published. According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation from August 1, 1962 to 16 August 1964 in Cuba, killing 64 of a Soviet citizen", - stated in the message of Department of the Prime Minister.

It notes that on 9 September 1962, as part of the secret operation "Anadyr" Cuba had delivered the first Soviet ballistic missiles, were later delivered nuclear warheads to them.

"The June and October 1962, the operation was a reprisal for the deployment of American missiles in Turkey and Italy, as well as the threat of American military invasion of Cuba", - emphasized in the defense Ministry.

According to the report, Cuba sent two ballistic missiles medium range: R-12 (with a range of more than 2 thousand km) and R-14 (more than 4 thousand km) with nuclear warheads with a capacity of 1 megaton. All accommodation was planned 40 rockets (24 units R-12 and 16 - R-14).

Results of the operation "Anadyr" decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated October 1, 1963 "for exemplary performance of special tasks of the government" 1 thousand 1 soldier was awarded orders and medals, including 18 people - the order of Lenin, 38 - order of the red banner, 591, order of the red Star, said the Russian military Department.


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