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Independent: British scientists have opened the West's eyes to the Russian activity in the Arctic

2014 significantly increased Russian militarisation of the Arctic. With such a warning in its report were made by researchers at the British research center the "Henry Jackson Society", writes The Independent.

According to experts, Russia has established a permanent military districts, increased training of troops and creates a new team in the region, not ceasing "to exploit its natural resources". At the same time, Moscow ordered the construction of a new fleet of icebreakers, reactivated the old Soviet military bases and deployed in the Arctic a radar early-warning system.
In addition, according to British scientists, Russia restores the airfields located on the New Earth, Tiksi, Vorkuta and Anadyr. At the same time introduced to the work of its huge military complex "Arctic Shamrock".
The authors of the report also draw attention to the fact that the aircraft Moscow regularly "invading" the airspace of other countries in the region. In 2014 alone, Norway "intercepted" 74 Russian aircraft patrolling the coast.
In this regard, NATO should immediately "make the Arctic strategy and ensure the creation of a common approach to regional security issues, "says British experts.
"Over the last ten years, Russia expanded its military power and capabilities in the Arctic, which in its scope and content to exceed all that has made the West over the same period of time, "—said the author of the report and Director of the Center for Russian studies Andrew Foxall.
According to him, the country's national interests in part explain its activity in the region. But something in this Arctic activities looks like Russia "participates in a unilateral arms race".
"Britain can do little to prevent Russian activity as such, recognizes Foxall. — But more in-depth evaluation of this activity and its possible consequences will help to develop more effective policy".
"We can no longer ignore the growing military presence of Russia in the Arctic, commented on the report of British MP James gray. — While in the region the ice is melting, and new business opportunities, Britain and its allies need to do more to maintain peace and stability in the Arctic".
In the opinion of policy, London must avoid a return to practices of the cold war, which can lead to cardiac important for the West trade routes. For this to work with Moscow. "But we must also be wary of the threat to our interests posed by Russia's military activity in the Arctic, and to protect ourselves and our allies in the far North and in the North Atlantic, "added gray.

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