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What will happen to bitcoin in 2020?
A couple of days ago the capitalization of the bitcoin is already close to 80 billion dollars — almost 40 % of the capitalization of one of the leading payment systems Visa. Therefore, to doubt the experts ' forecasts is the number of transactions is growing by the minute, and the number of bitcoins increases by 1728 units per day.

The portal "Two bitcoin", which is one of the leading platforms on bitcoin, Althing, mining and cryptocurrencies in Russia, was created by partners as the site where you can always learn the latest trends in the field of cryptocurrency, you learn to understand the topic. For example, the edition recently ordered ASIC (specialized device for hashing), and then told in detail about their experiences and all the "pitfalls" that can occur when buying such a device. In addition, the authors tell about other ways mininga alternatives, so if you are a beginner in this field will be able to find there everything you need. Well and the courses of all the major cryptocurrencies, of course, always available.

As we may not always cover all the events from the world of cryptocurrency, "Two bitcoin" can be a great addition to our site. But it's actually a different world — it is enough to read at least a couple of articles on the site to see this and dive into it head first.
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