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The first Russian military icebreaker ready 15%
The chief noted that production of patrol ships under his personal supervision. Queens sure new icebreaker will fully meet the requirements of the Russian fleet.

Combat icebreaker project 23550 "Ivan Papanin" – the first ship in its class. Nothing like the Navy of other countries either. Not only that, this ship can break through ice thickness of 1.5 meters. He is also well armed. For example, an artillery installation AK-176МА caliber of 76 millimeters. Its first version was adopted in 1979. But since then the gun has got a modern system of control and guidance, as well as a new tower. It is built on stealth technology, that is made of composite materials and has right angles.

In addition, the "Ivan Papanin" will have a hangar and landing pad for anti-submarine or search and rescue helicopter Ka-27, plus on Board will accommodate a couple of boats "Raptor". They are characterized by high maneuverability and is able to accelerate to 50 knots or 90 kilometers per hour. The boats protected by armor class Бр4, that is can shrug off automatic bullets with a caliber of 5.45 or 7.62. On the Windows installed glass thickness of 39 millimeters.

The armament was a remotely controlled stabilized mounting with heavy machine gun caliber 14.5 mm. Range precision fire up to 2 kilometers. Plus two machine guns "Pecheneg", located on the sides of the boat. In the troop compartment, "Raptor" can accommodate over 20 soldiers.
The Ministry of defense of Russia ordered two patrol icebreaker project 23550. The first plans to transfer military by 2021.

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