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Sergei Shoigu: non-nuclear forces of the Russian Federation by 2020 will be able to fully ensure the security of the country

According to him, by 2020, will address a number of priorities. "To strengthen the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces, to continue improving the system of comprehensive support and command and control. Bring a non-nuclear strategic forces at the level, allowing to neutralize the military threats of Russia and guaranteed to protect the national interests of the country", - said the Minister.

Shoigu added that until 2020, is also planned to enhance the combat capabilities of groups of forces in strategic areas. He noted that you need a balanced to develop the types and kinds of the Armed forces, paying "special attention to equipping the army and Navy with high-precision weapons, modern communication systems intelligence and control, as shown by the Syrian experience, electronic warfare".

In addition, it is necessary to ensure effective control over the expenditure of funds allocated under the state defense order. "This is a completely new and, in our opinion, perhaps the most effective system of control of expenditure and implementation of the state defense order", - he said.

According to the Minister, the effect of these measures exceeds all expectations and "this monitoring system should be developed further".

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