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Media: Russia has proposed the creation of a caste of high-ranking officials
In the government before the upcoming elections discussed the concept of reforming state service, according to "Vedomosti". One of the senior officials plan to create a special "caste", and the work of civil servants of smaller rank to bring to the market conditions. According to another concept, it is planned to get rid of the hierarchy and create a "flat organizational structure".

The first option proposed by the Ranepa, it is about what officials with a solid social package, benefits and stable high wages have to be senior managers, while their subordinates will lose non-transparent bonuses and will be evaluated for its effectiveness. Its criterion will be the "customer surveys".

Itself getting into the caste of higher officials will give a substantial bonus and be a great encouragement.

Another concept proposed by the Ministry of economic development and its head Maxim Oreshkin, involves getting rid of relations "chief-subordinate": staff will be in equal positions to work on one project or another, in each case, they will have only one supervisor of a higher rank.

Thus distinguished in this work the officer will be able to dramatically accelerate your professional growth. This proposal, according to "Vedomosti", is the resolution of the President "I Agree".

We will remind that earlier. reported on the success of your ad on Facebook about the search for new employees in the Ministry of economic development however, according to him, candidates expected a much more low, than in business, salary.

Alexei Obukhov
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