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Preparing for the release of the fundamental work of the Russian military Orientalists "Military power of the Turkish Republic"

With the direct support of the Institute of the Middle East and the upcoming book specialists in Oriental Professor of the Military University of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor Ganieva Tahir Aliev and candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of Zadonsk, Sergei Mikhailovich "Military power of the Turkish Republic".

On a wide range of Russian and foreign publications-the unique features of the modern military construction in the Republic of Turkey. Prepares a comprehensive analysis of the military power of Turkey and provides an assessment of the total defense capacity and its elements. Discusses the history and current state of the Turkish armed forces, features of the structure and functioning of the control system of the armed forces as a key element, without which the modern army is not able to perform the tasks.

As an integral element of military power, the authors investigate the intelligence service of the Turkish Republic, which play an important role in implementing the foreign policy of Turkey on the regional and international level.

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