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Putin in Sochi met with Assad
The Russian leader has congratulated Assad on the successful fight against terrorism. According to him, the Syrian people are going through a very difficult test and is approaching the defeat of the militants.

Assad said the success, which Damascus has reached thanks to the synergy VCS and government troops. He stressed that Russia saved Syria as a state. According to him, the Russian aviation operation is allowed to move and a political settlement.

"Many parts of Syria liberated from the terrorists, and in these areas were able to return Syrians who were forced to leave earlier," he added.

The Russian President expressed hope that the fight against terrorism in Syria is close to completion. At the same time, according to Putin, hotbeds of extremism will arise.

"So the problems with terrorism are still missing and in the world, and in the middle East and in Syria in particular. But the main problem is already close to completion, and you can tell in the near future, that we have decided", he added.

Thus, according to Assad, external actors should not interfere in the political processes of the country. This Damascus is counting on Moscow's help.

In addition, the leaders discussed the principles of the Congress of the peoples of Syria, which will be held in Sochi.

During the meeting, Putin also introduced the Assad leadership of the defense Ministry and the General staff. As noted by Senator Franz Klintsevich, a meeting of leaders was a tremendous breakthrough in the process of military-political stabilization of the situation in Syria.

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