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Hypersonic "Zircon" was included in the state armaments program of the Russian Federation
"The marine part of the new SAP one of the priorities is the construction of corvettes of project 20385 20386 and and frigates projects 23350 and 23350М with high-precision weapons, including cruise missiles "Caliber-NK" hypersonic missiles and "Zircon" - quoted by TASS representative of the Russian military-industrial complex.

Note that inter-service missile with a hypersonic missile "Zircon" is one of the secret workings of the domestic defense industry. The first reports on the establishment of the complex appeared in the media in February 2011. In March last year, it was reported, Russia began the first tests of the hypersonic cruise missile "Zircon" sea-based. The firing range of 400 km and a speed missiles from four to six thousand kilometers per hour.

It is planned that after the flight-design of the state tests of the missile will decide on the acceptance of the missiles "Zircon" on the armament of the ships of the Russian Navy. One of the first missile will get a cruiser "Peter the Great" and "Admiral Nakhimov".

Foreign military analysts believe that the "Zircon" is a threat to the Navy of great Britain and the United States, and can also change the balance of power in the world. "Modern means of missile defence, the British Navy can shoot down projectiles which travel at a maximum speed of 3.7 thousand kilometers per hour, which means they're useless against the "Zircon", - reports the Daily Mail newspaper.
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