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FT: Russia is looking for a way to "tame" cryptocurrency
"Cryptocurrency fever"raging in the world is not the first year, has now reached the Kremlin, where "new technologies traditionally afraid": Russia is looking for ways to create a "scriptorama" which "can help the country to circumvent Western sanctions", the Financial Times reports. According to the British newspaper, citing officials in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to begin work on the establishment of a national cryptocurrency, and the Russian state Insitute "race to incorporate the technology of the blockchain", which is based on such types of currencies, including but not limited to bitcoin.

According to the FT, at a recent meeting of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers, presidential adviser on economic Affairs Sergei Glazyev stated that "scriptural" would be a useful tool to bypass sanctions imposed on Moscow a number of countries. Glazyev, however, noted that the treatment of the issue of such currency to be restricted in a certain way, according to the material edition.

Meanwhile, as writes a columnist of the Financial Times, Vladimir Putin is still summer, held a meeting with the Creator of the cryptocurrency Etherium and a native of Russia Vitaly Baleriny, the results of which ordered the government to develop laws for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. "Such interest in the cryptocurrency shows Russia's desire to curb the idea, originally created free from the influence of the government,— said the journalist. — So was the case with the Internet, which the Kremlin recently learned, in General, to tame".

Although cryptocurrency and give its holders the opportunity to remain anonymous when using them — with the result that they gained popularity as a way of financing illegal activities, as it is the "scriptural" will help Russian companies to avoid sanctions is not yet clear, according to the material. Furthermore, it is unclear who specifically will deal with this issue of the ruble: Russia's Central Bank or commercial banks in the country.
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