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Russian Navy decided on the basic naval aircraft
In 2017, the Navy received six aircraft of this type. "In the future will change almost the entire fleet of tactical aviation in the su-30SM - he will be our base aircraft," - said Kozhin.

Earlier, Director, production Irkutsk aviation plant (Irkut Corporation) Sergei Yamanov said that before the end of 2018 in the interests of the Navy and videoconferencing at the Irkutsk aviation plant will be manufactured and delivered 55 aircraft. Will total 116 su-30CM - 88 for videoconferencing and 28 for the Navy.

Recall that the double su-30CM has maneuverability, equipped with radar with phased antenna array, engines with thrust vectoring and canards. The fighter is able to use modern and promising precision weapons class "air-air" and "air-surface". More detailed performance characteristics of these machines are still classified.

I should add that the heavy fighters su-30CM one of the first net profit in 2015 in Syria and was used there as a fighter, and as the aircraft target designation for attack aircraft and bombers.
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