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Japan launched the world's smallest booster
Start the world's smallest rocket from the spaceport Uchinoura in Kagoshima Prefecture in southwest Japan took place at 14.03 local time (08.03 GMT).

The rocket is supposed orbit three-kilogram experimental satellite of exploration and communication. It was developed at the University of Tokyo, in particular, for photographing the Earth's surface.

Designed in Japan, the three-stage rocket SS-520-5, like its predecessor the SS-520-4, is a modification of the solid propellant two-stage rocket SS-520 and reaches a length of just over 9.5 metres. Its diameter up to 52 inches. The weight of the rocket is 2.6 tons.

The launch of the rocket SS-520-4 January 15, 2017, but failed. 20 seconds after the start to stop the transfer of telemetry missiles, and then the specialists decided not to give the signal for the second stage of the rocket on the motor. After turning off the engine first-stage booster fell into the ocean.

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