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The former developers of Blockstream to create a supercomputer on the blockchain

Garlick explained that based on blockchains is quite difficult to create other products, so developers are aiming to change this situation. The Crowd feature of the Machine will be in the fact that any action and activity will be split up and routed to the network devices, each of which can do processing to get him a "bit" — this will allow the application to perform their tasks, but the users are not locked into a single provider.

In addition, users running applications on the base of the Machine Crowd can get a reward. It is assumed that the program can be used on all types of devices, including those developed for Internet of things. In the future, users will be able to create the needed application even without knowledge of programming languages using a special application and simply dragging and dropping the necessary elements of the interface in the working window of the program. Over time it is expected to "teach" the service of different programming languages.

The developers claim that their project will change the principle of creating and working software, but the details in this interview do not reveal. Now they created the system is tested in a pair with bloccano Ethereum, and the engineers are busy looking for investors.

Vyacheslav Larionov

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