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Reuters: Syria killed and injured 300 private military experts from Russia

A military doctor on condition of anonymity, told the news Agency about 100 dead and 200 wounded. According to the physician, the information he learned from the resuscitator, flew last week to Syria for the wounded. Another source Reuters close to "PMC Wagner" and communicate with the participants in the battle on 7 February, said that more than 80 victims of private military experts from Russia. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that total to about 300 killed and wounded, in General, correct.

The Agency has been unable to contact the employer of the mercenaries of the "PMC Wagner." The Russian defense Ministry on questions from Reuters about the losses in Syria has not responded.

Recall that in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor on 7 February during an air strike by U.S. aircraft killed several Russian citizens who participated in combat operations on the territory of the Republic. The figures refer to different sources of waste differ from each other considerably. Claims a Russian military source “b”, the number of dead Russians on 7 February amounted to 11 people. CIT group called the four names of the victims. Bloomberg put the figure at 100 dead Russians. The Russian foreign Ministry "Kommersant" a rating called "classic disinformation".

Russian legislation does not reglamentary military mercenary.


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