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The deputies will discuss with experts the preparation of legislative initiatives in the field of shipping and ports

In the modern world annually Maritime transport carries 80 to 90% of the world's goods. Water transport and port industry is rapidly coming digitalisation, new types of threats. This dictates the need to update legislation in the field of Maritime safety, environmental protection, optimization and harmonization of many processes on water transport, creation of favorable conditions for domestic manufacturers of innovative technologies and materials. The fierce competition of the countries in the shipping industry, the freight base requires eliminating redundant requirements of the national legislation not covered by existing international treaties of the Russian Federation.

February 20, at 12 o'clock in room number 1444 A (the new building) will be a meeting of the Section of Maritime and river transport of the Expert Council on transportation under the State Duma Committee on transport and construction.

Head of Section, Deputy of the faction United Russia Viktor Deryabkin will summarize the work of the section during the past period, will talk about the challenges and plans of the section for the spring session. In the Section work: Director, Department for state policy in Maritime and river transport of transport Ministry Vitaly Klyuev, representatives of the profile ministries and departments, deputies – members of fraction "United Russia", Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on transport and construction Paul Fedyaev, Members of the state Duma Committee on transport and construction Vladimir Sinyagovsky and Sopchuk. As well as leading experts in shipping and port industry: the President of the Russian chamber of shipping Alexey Klyavin, Executive Director, Association of sea commercial ports of Russia Serik Zhusupov, President of the Association of ports and shipowners river transport Alexander Zaitsev and others.

During the meeting the participants will discuss the issues on the agenda, including:

- The replacement of licensing of separate types of activities on sea and inland water transport (marine towing, transportation of dangerous goods) notification of the conduct of such activities;

- On amendments in Chapter XIX of the merchant shipping Code of the Russian Federation in terms of eliminating excessive requirements, not provided for by applicable international treaties of the Russian Federation;

- Incarrying out the amendments to article 4 of Federal law No. 147-FZ dated 17 August 1995. "On natural monopolies" in terms of elimination of river ports from the register of natural monopolies;

- Issues of import substitution technologies and materials for the objects of port infrastructure of the North, Arctic and Far East;

- Questions of civil liability insurance in sphere of activity of sea and river transport.

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